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When Nature Calls 20% CBD MCT Olie

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The CBD oil from When Nature Calls has a mild, subtle, nutty and sweet aroma without bitterness and a golden color.

The extraction technology for our oil used today has been developed in collaboration with the University of Wageningen (NL), one of the most renowned universities for food technology in the world. The R&D team is conducting continuous research in Wageningen to further improve the method and to develop new formulations and products.

The raw material comes from hemp farms in the European Union. The farmers receive a personal visit, the material is tested to guarantee stable quality and a track and trace system is implemented for all parties. That means safety and traceability for all customers.

Choosing the oil that is right for you

People take CBD oil for various reasons, but primarily for its potential therapeutic benefits. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, and has been studied for its potential health benefits, including reducing anxiety, relieving pain, improving sleep, and easing symptoms of various medical conditions such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease.

CBD oil typically comes in different concentrations or strengths, expressed as a percentage or milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml) of CBD. A 20% CBD oil means that the oil contains 20% CBD by volume, or 200mg of CBD per milliliter of oil. The higher the percentage, the stronger the oil.

The concentration of CBD oil someone chooses to take will depend on their individual needs, as well as factors such as their body weight, the severity of their symptoms, and their desired outcome. It's important to note that CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and people should always consult with a healthcare provider before starting to use any CBD products.

Extraction: The extraction uses an invention under low pressure for cannabis. After literally one step - filling the columns with biomass and pressing a button, the extract is produced. No recoding of molecules is required, no solvent has to be recovered. We call this quality. Extraction in one step for the purest results. The unique process exposes the wealth of the natural substances of cannabis. The way cannabinoids are removed from the plant has a major influence on the quality of the end product. One-Step Extraction method enables a larger spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes and therefore a greater advantage. The manufacture of the extracts is done according to §13 AMG to guarantee the highest product quality.

Formulation: The extract is diluted in an oil carrier, MCT. In this way the unique cannabis taste is transferred to your product - a mixture of cannabinoids, terpenes and other relevant connections. Tasty, healthy and natural - as close as possible to the plant.

 Quality & Safety

All production activities are carried out in -house and are in the hands of IFS Global Markets.

 Cost efficient

Since no postal production processes are needed to get rid of the extract of unwanted, secondary vegetable substances (eg washing, chlorophyll) or the solvent, it can be produced at low costs and competing prices. Hence our competitive prices. So an internationally patented one-step extraction process with which superior products are made.
Obtained in a single step and a ready-to-use CBD extract that perfectly reflects the cannabinoid and terpen profile of the plant, as nature provides us. No post -processing is required such as fractionation (loosening of vegetable substances such as washing and chlorophyll) or cleaning (removing the solvent). That is why poisonous solvents used for other methods are not necessary. Our naturally used cannabis extracts contain CBD, 1-20% and other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, CBDV, in addition to other phytonutrients such as carotenoids, terpenoids and fatty acids. The interaction of these connections with terpenes promotes the "entourage effect" - a term used to describe the mechanism with which cannabis connections work together - that can be very beneficial for the human body. In essence, the end product becomes more than the sum of the parts.

How and when is the best way to take the oil? Under the tongue? In my food or drink? Before or after?

Although there are many different advice on the internet, it is most common under the tongue, but do this at least 90 seconds preferably even longer. Because your mucous membranes with frequently used LCT oil carriers such as hemp seed or olive oil just absorb it, only a small part of your dosage achieves the bloodstream that brings it further into the body. That is why we use MCT oil as a carrier.

What is MCT oil?

MCT stands for medium-chain-triglyceride. Triglyceride is a type of fatty acid. Medium chain means that the fatty acids have a medium chain. If you translate MCT oil freely into Dutch, it means "oil of fatty acids with a medium chain". Palm oil and coconut oil are the most important sources from which MCT oil is extracted. In coconut oil, for example, the MCT content is approximately 65%. MCT oil falls under the healthy saturated fats.

Easy to digest

The oil is easy to digest. This is because no salt is needed to digest it so that it is quickly transferred to the bloodstream without first going through a change such as the fatty acids with a long chain, LCT. The result is an oil that is absorbed quickly and easily digested so that the desired effect of the CBD is also reached 4x faster. MCT CBD is therefore also a suitable choice for people with digestive problems.

After swallowing the oil, it still has to go a long way through the stomach to the liver and it is the FIRST-PASS effect phenomenon for that. Taking our CBD oil with certain types of food can significantly improve biological availability. This is the extent and speed with which the CBD oil is absorbed and delivered in the bloodstream, where it can act on our body -specific cannabinoid system.When you use CBD oil with certain types of food, the loss of concentration has a limited impact, because the food helps to bypass the first-pass effect. By taking CBD oil with certain foods, you can ensure that a greater concentration of CBD is absorbed by the body.

HIt is important to use the good products for this. The best species in this are the so -called triglycerides fatty acids. These fatty acids serve as a perfect binder for cannabinoids such as CBD and are directly converted into energy by the liver. This makes the loss of the CBD concentration minimal. Your body gets the chance to burn the fats and use the CBD and other traces of cannabinoids directly. Fatty acids with a medium chain have six to ten carbon atoms, fatty acids with a long chain fourteen or more. They are found in most fats, oils and in certain foods.

Below a list of foods that are extremely suitable for taking our CBD oil with you

  • Cold -pressed coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Soya oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Fatty fish
  • Nuts
  • Avocado
  • Meat
  • Eggs

You can literally add your dosage CBD oil to a bite. The fats in these foods enclose the CBD, as it were, which means that they will get through the digestive tract intact.


Researchers from the University of Nottingham recently confirmed the beneficial effects of taking CBD with fatty acids. Investigate that simultaneous use of CBD with long-chain triglycerides bypass the first-pass effect, so that significantly more CBD can be absorbed by the body.

Another study by a separate team of researchers discovered that the bio-availability of a cannabinoid product was four times higher with intake during meals. Enough reasons to see if this way of intake improves the effect of CBD oil, right?

Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides (derived from coconut), cannabidiol CBD 20% (2000mg) THC free

Use instructions: Place 2-4 drops (0.15 ml, EQ. 30 mg CBD) under the tongue at least 90sec

Maximum use 3 times a day (for a total of 90 mg CBD).

Content: 10 ml

Precautions: only for adults, not use in breastfeeding or pregnancy.

CBD oil is a dietary supplement. We are unable to provide information about health claims. We do not make medical statements. CBD oil is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. We encourage everyone to do their own research, consult a doctor,

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