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Hearthstone powder 'restore'

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Ceremonial Grade Matcha stacked with Chaga + Reishi Mushrooms and Wild Harvested Pine Pollen. This blend will help you make the perfect matcha latte to start your day, recover from a workout or journey, or simply warm your heart.


+  increasing energy levels naturally
+  improving mood and mental clarity
+  regenerating strength and stamina
+  recovering from workouts

INGREDIENTS: organic ceremonial grade matcha, organic wild harvested pine pollen, organic chaga, organic reishi

 Made with certified organic mushroom fruiting bodies, grown outdoors on natural wood substrates

 Made with certified organic ceremonial grade matcha, grown in the foothills of Uji Japan

 Made with certified organic wild harvested pine pollen, sustainably collected from the Columbia mountains in Canada

Directions for use

Start with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of RESTORE powder. You dont need much, its strong!

We recommend mixing RESTORE into oat milk to make a matcha latte. Water and smoothies are also good options. It does not matter if your drink is cold or hot.

It’s best to take RESTORE in the morning, or during the day. You can drink it at night but matcha contains small amounts of caffeine which can keep you awake. Taking RESTORE everyday is fine, but we do recommend taking some days off so its more effective on the days you take it.

RESTORE is not formulated to be a microdose or produce an altered state. This blend is a support formula designed to help you recover and rebuild energy on a cellular level. Most people notice the benefits of RESTORE as feeling more energy and strength, experiencing calm alertness, and feeling better in their bodies.

Hearthstone powder 'restore'
Hearthstone powder 'restore' Sale price€59,00