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Hearthstone Powder 'integrate'

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INTEGRATE is a blend of functional mushrooms, adaptogens, vitamins, nootropics, and amino acids.

If you are feeling hungover, depleted, irritable, raw, or slow following your plant enhanced activity, INTEGRATE can help flush, detoxify and replenish your body so you can spend more time soaking in the afterglow of your experience and integrating what you have learned.


+  recovering from plant enhanced activities
+  replenishing neurochemistry
+  detoxifying the body
+  reducing inflammation

INGREDIENTS: organic lion’s mane, organic reishi, organic ashwagandha, rhodiola, magnesium l-threonate, MSM, uridine monophosphate, DHM, choline l-bitartrate, NMN, l-tryptophan, glutathione, l-citrulline, dl-malate, b vitamins


 Made with certified organic mushroom fruiting bodies, grown outdoors on natural wood substrates

Directions for use

Start with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of powder. You dont need much, its strong!

We recommend mixing INTEGRATE into a smoothie or matcha latte. Water and coffee are also good options. It does not matter if your drink is cold or hot.

It’s best to take INTEGRATE the morning following your session or activity, and potentially for two to three days afterwards. Taking INTEGRATE everyday is fine, but it’s more effective as a recovery tool if you save it for the days following your journey.

INTEGRATE is not formulated to be a microdose or produce an altered state. This blend is a support formula designed to help you recover from a full journey experience. Most people notice the benefits of INTEGRATE as feeling more clear and light, experiencing less fatigue or aches, and feeling more settled in their bodies.

Hearthstone Powder 'integrate'
Hearthstone Powder 'integrate' Sale price€59,00