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Hearthstone powder 'glow'

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Optimize the heath of the largest organ of the body, your skin! Formulated with functional mushrooms and wild harvested amazonian herbs GLOW helps cleanse, detoxify, repair, and revitalize skin from the inside out. 

Inspired by the work of Dr Leslie Taylor, who travelled across the amazon rainforest for two decades collecting knowledge of medicinal plants and their use for different ailments. GLOW is based on amazonian traditional knowledge for clearing acne and blemishes, and supporting all around skin health.


+  optimizing skin health
+  clarifying skin
+  protecting skin
+  nourishing skin


 organic tremella, organic reishi, organic chaga, organic abuta, wild harvested esphira santa, wild harvested fedegosa, wild harvested chuchuhuasi, wild harvested bitter melon, sarsaparilla

 30 servings

 10g of dual-extracted mushrooms per dose

 Made with certified organic mushroom fruiting bodies, grown outdoors on natural wood substrates

Directions for use

Start with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of powder. You dont need much, its strong!

We recommend mixing glow into a smoothie or matcha latte. Water and coffee are also good options. It does not matter if your drink is cold or hot.