When Nature Calls

Herbar Barrier Cream


Scientifically supported and guided by mushrooms, at the heart of this formula is a clever 5-ceramide complex that replenishes and strengthens the natural ceramides in your skin. By strengthening your skin's protective layer, these ceramides improve moisture retention and accelerate ceramide production, ensuring long-lasting hydration.

A truly unique formulation that combines the power of a balm with the velvety, cushiony texture of a cream, which is absorbed into the skin in seconds.

Independent clinical studies have shown that the Barrier Cream improves the function of the skin barrier by 59%. PENTAVITIN®, one of the ingredients present in the formulation, added 275% more moisture to the skin after a single application.

Specially developed for all skin types, it provides immediate comfort, recovery, accelerated regeneration and uniformity. This powerful formula is a hybrid of fast-acting and long-lasting restorative active ingredients. The fast absorption, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic properties act as a protector for your skin's hydration.


Gently apply a dollop to face and neck, use after cleansing. Can be used morning and evening.


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