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Kanna Microdose Play

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Hearthstone x When Nature Calls

Increase joy, energy levels and create more harmony


Play combines Kanna with noötropical mushrooms and adaptogens that strengthen the euphoric and empathogenic effects of kanna.


This is the most popular formula for those who struggle with mood, low energy levels and a lack of self-confidence. Feed your creative mind and experience more joy in your daily life.


  • Finding joy in your daily life
  • Experiencing happiness and a sense of lightness
  • Increasing energy without nervousness
  • Feeling extroverted
  • Enjoying comfort and harmony in your relationships
  • Unlocking creativity



  • 40 capsules (20 doses) per jar
  • 4 Capsules (2 doses)

3 mg Mesembrine alkaloids per dose


Typically a microdose of kanna is 2 capsules per day, for more conscious effects take up to 4 capsules. You can see our full guides on finding a routine and dosage in our dedicated kanna journal section 



Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum)*, Biological Lions Mans, Rhodiola, Theobromine, Memethylated B vitamins

*Made with ethically obtained Kanna from South Africa

Warning: Do not use during pregnancy, breastfeeding or when using prescription drugs - especially MAO inhibitors or SSRIs. Not suitable for minors.


Kanna microdose play when nature calls x hearthstone
Kanna Microdose Play Sale price€69,00