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Cokare Get Glowing Tea

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Nourish your skin from the inside out. 

The beauty secret from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Incorporating the power of herbs & adaptogens as a form of skincare that has been used for thousands of years. Super Glow contains a potent beautifying blend of mushrooms and herbs known to help balance hormones, promote healthy skin and improve skin hydration and clarity. 

Flavor notes: light floral & wild berry anchored in earthy herbal notes 



20 Sachets, 3 gram per sachet

Organic Tremella Fruiting Body Mushroom: Rich in vitamin D, polysaccharides, minerals. 

Organic Chaga Fruiting Body Mushroom: High in anti-oxidants to protect the skin against premature aging. 

Organic Schisandra Extract: An adaptogen berry that helps to support skin firmness and hormone balance. 

Organic Hibiscus Extract: Supports your body's own natural collagen production. 

Organic Goji Berry Extract: Nature's superfood rich in vitamin C & A.


How to use

Mix one sachet in hot or cold water and drink as a tea anytime. No caffeine or sugar added. Add to your favorite drink or milk.



  • 3000 mg Proprietary Get Glowing Blend 
  • 1290 mg Organic Tremella & Chaga Fruiting Body 
  • >20% Beta (1,3) (1,6) glucans 
  • Radiance. Hydration. Clarity


Cokare Get Glowing Tea - When Nature Calls
Cokare Get Glowing Tea Sale price€24,00