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BrainFeed Vegan Omega-3 Capsules

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brain feed’s double concentrated omega 3 DHA supplement derived from algae provides 500mg DHA in a single plant-based omega 3 capsule.  

  • Twice as much DHA per capsule compared to industry standard omega 3
  • 1-a-day. Single capsule dose. 
  • All the health benefits of fish oil - fish free !
  • Contaminant free 


What is DHA ? 

DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid, contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function[1]. Composing 25% of your brains structure [2], it’s DHA rather than omega-3, EPA or any DHA:EPA ratio that has the EU certified brain health claims.

Algae - The original omega 3 source

Fish obtain their high omega 3 levels from algae. Now you can too. Algae are the primary omega 3 producers [11]. brain feed’s algae omega 3 is contaminant free and sourced via a closed loop fermentation process. After fermentation, the algae oil is chilled to near freezing, removing impurities, and doubling the DHA concentration in the Omega-3 oil. 5 control points are monitored, and vitamin E is added at this stage to prevent oxidation preserving the health benefits. Better for you and the planet. 


Whats inside?

30 capsules 



1 capsule per day



algal oil (schizochytrium sp), antioxidant (mixed tocopherols) capsule [ starch, humectant (glycerol) & purified water]

BrainFeed Vegan Omega-3 Capsules
BrainFeed Vegan Omega-3 Capsules Sale price€24,00