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Zen Bar Cosmic Club


 Aspiring to be zen seems to be a bit of a rebellious action these days, as we all feel like we need to be busy all the time. But being zen is the core of everything. It helps with a deeper connection with yourself and with the world.

The team at Cosmic Club spiked this chocolate bar with Ashwagandha for you, to inspire you to calm down. To inspire you to listen. If you become more quiet, every answer you'll ever need will be shown to you. 

Ashwagandha is a plant with adaptogenic properties, that has it’s origins in India. It is used to help our bodies adjust to stress. It harmonizes our being.

Now with 75% PISA Haiti chocolate. PISA is a group in Haiti that works with a small group of farmers to export cacao. It's transparent, single origin and organic.

This chocolate bar contains hemp seeds, lavender and 1 gram of ashwagandha, which is your maximum daily dose.

Zen Bar Cosmic Club
Zen Bar Cosmic Club Aanbiedingsprijs€7,95