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Natural + effective. Meet When Nature Calls, a Dutch wellness brand redefining modern health

Our mission

We empower individuals to discover joy in their pursuit of balanced, fulfilling lives, offering state-of-the-art wellness innovations to support them in achieving their goals.

Our vision

To pioneer the transition towards a society where fungi and adaptogenic-powered wellness are common place, empowering individuals to take control of their own well-being.

We envision a future where holistic health overcomes stereotypes, and we serve as the bridge between traditional wisdom and modern practices.

How it started

When Nature Calls began as a concept by three friends searching for natural alternatives to well-known nootropics and aphrodisiacs, but finding none available. This inspired the idea of a high-end smartshop to provide natural health products, nootropics, and aphrodisiacs for anyone aiming to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Developed from this vision, When Nature Calls was born in 1998.

For the last 26 years we have welcomed people from all across the world through our store doors in the heart of Amsterdam. Creating an oasis of innovative health products.

This summer we are proud to be opening our first wellness center, where we will offer workshops, mini-retreats, a space to try out new innovations such as red-light therapy and microdosing meditations. Our mission is to nurture the growing community of wellness enthusiasts by providing a hub for exploration, learning, and holistic well-being.