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When Nature Calls Wellness Center

Welcome to the future of wellness

This summer we are opening the latest addition to When Nature Calls; a wellness oasis nestled in the heart of Amsterdam

Our purpose

When Nature Calls offers a transformative approach to wellness, rooted in the power of fungi and adaptogens. Our carefully curated selection of premium products and innovative services empowers individuals to discover joy in their pursuit of balanced, fulfilling lives.

We are opening a dedicated center to bring together effective natural products and to spark curiosity and joy with the latest health and wellness innovations

What can you expect to see?

When you first walk in you will be greeted with a warm welcoming living-room-like atmosphere. Come grab a mushroom coffee, discover our latest products and keep up to date on community news

The conversation Pit

Come take a seat for longer chats or to try out some red light therapy masks...

Feeling brave?

Discover the benefits of cold plunges in our ice bath room

The Mind spa

This space will be used by highly trained therapists who will be able to offer among other things psychedelic assisted therapy

The modular room

A dynamic and versatile space. Think breath-work sessions, accupressure mats, guest speakers, microdosing workshops and much more....

What would you like to see in this space?

our commitment to you

Since the begining of When Nature Calls 26 years ago, we have always been highly selective of the products on our shelves, bringing you the best, effective and ethical products.

Kanna microdose play when nature calls x hearthstone 2

expect additions

So far in 2024 we have welcomed many new additions to our product line such as kanna microdoses and a range of adaptogenic herbs. Keep an eye our for much more this year!