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2400mg CBD MCT oil (24%)

Organic Broad spectrum Hemp extract with MCT oil

People worldwide complement their diet with this premium CBD hemp oil. This is not only due to their unique hemp varieties, but also to the farmers who grow and harvest organic hemp.

Kannaswiss Organic Hemp Extract is extracted from biological hemp from the Swiss Alps, processed ecologically, in their own facilities and purified in laboratories, taking into account the strictest safety and quality standards and using the latest pharmaceutical science and equipment. Their goal is to become a global market leader in CBD. Kannaswiss uses MCT oil as a carrier and not many hemp seed oil. These fatty acids are lighter digestible and therefore absorbently absorb than the fatty acids with long molecular chains (LCT).


MCT stands for medium-chain-triglyceride. Triglyceride is a type of fatty acid. Medium chain means that fatty acids have a medium chain. If your MCT oil would translate freely to Dutch, it means "oil of fatty acids with a medium chain". Palm oil and coconut oil are the most important sources where MCT oil is won. In coconut oil, for example, the MCT content is approximately 65%. MCT oil falls under the healthy saturated fats.

Easy to digest

The oil is easy to digest. This is because no salt is needed to digest it, which quickly transferred to the bloodstream without first continuing a change such as the fatty acids with a long chain. The result is an oil that is quickly incorporated and easily digested, which means that desired effect of the CBD is also achieved faster. As a result, MCT CBD is also a suitable choice for people with digestive problems.


State-of-the-art facility

Kannaswiss works from their brand new facility in Kölliken, Switzerland, and uses the most advanced indoor breeding science that is known so far - and they are constantly busy to push the boundaries of growing knowledge. They believe that you can improve perfection, and that's what they want to do every day.




You can drip from Kannaswiss CBD oil under the tongue. The number of drops and / or percentage is different per individual. You will have to search until it is desired for you. Start with 2-3 drops 2x daily and count to 100. This because the oil is better absorbed through the mouth glands in the bloodstream than via the intestinal wall.


You can choose from a 10ml (200 drops) or a 30ml CBD (600 drops).

  • CBD Content: min. 24% (2400 mg)
  • THC Content: <0.0%
  • Active Substance Content: ~ 12 mg cannabidiol per drop
  • Bioavailability: ~ 9%
  • Ingredients: MCT Coconut Oil, CBD Cannabidiol Full Spectrum Extract
  • Content: 10 ml (~ 200 DROPS)
  • 10 ml Dropper Bottle
  • Made in Switzerland
  • EAN 7 640178 130098

Kannaswiss ensures that all their dietary supplements are manufactured according to EU GMP standards and cosmetic / skin care products according to EU GMP standards. Safety for all customers is expected to be vital and supplied. The extraction facility is ISO 22000 certified and all their CBD is Halal certified. Kannaswiss test Every batch CBD and an analysis certificate is always available on request

Remark:Kannaswiss CBD oil must be protected against heat and light to retain efficacy! CBD is a dietary supplement. We are unable to provide information about health claims. We do not do medical statements. CBD is not intended to avoid diagnosing, treating, healing or disease. We encourage everyone to do their research yourself, consult a doctor, and then come to a conclusion yourself.


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