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Earth & Star Brain Gummies


Brain Gummies?

Provide your energy system when you need a boost and let it rest when it is too heavy, so that you can better adapt to the daily stress factors of modern life.

Our Functional Mushroom Gummies are made of a mix of 10 favorite mushrooms extracts. That means that you get supercharged benefits that support your immunity, energy and brain function.

Each dietary supplement contains no less than 2,500 milligrams of mushrooms extract, which is actually the highest dose on the market. With 30 portions you can pop a gummy every day for a month. With this wild raspberry flavor you forget that they are good for you.

It's all about delivering the benefits of adaptogens in a super accessible way, for maximum convenience and total delights (we promise!).

 What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are beautiful plants and fungi full of natural miracles, called beta glucans - see them as a therapist for your immune system (we can all use one, amiright?!)

These complex connections align themselves to your immunity and understand exactly what your body needs at a deep cellular level.

Lion's Mane (500 mg fruit body)

This sneaky mushroom is real brain food - with beneficial compounds that are so small that they can penetrate the blood -brain barrier to stimulate NGF (nerve growth factor), improving the memory, focus and neuroplasticity in the brain.

L-Theanine (200 mg)

An amino acid derived from green tea leaves for that calm, cool and controlled focus. Reduce anxiety and increase alertness and concentration.

Why Earth & Star?

They may not be the first to do it, but they claim to be the best.

Here are just a few examples with which they distinguish themselves from the masses.

1. Double extraction process

They use a double extraction process to make their mushroom extracts more organic available, which means that the body can absorb them more easily.

The first step includes the extraction of hot water. Mushrooms have soluble connections in water, such as beta glucans, which are not easily absorbed by the body. These connections are locked up behind a "wall" called Chitine, which has a pretty hard exterior.

Hot water can dissolve the chitin, making it more absorbable in water -soluble connections. This liquid is collected and the remaining mushrooms material is extracted with alcohol.

Alcohol releases the rest of the connections that are not soluble in water, such as Triterpenen, and forms another concentrated liquid. Finally, the two liquids produced by the double extraction process are combined to form our Mushroom Tincture.

For your information: Be on your guard for labels such as 'Raw', fermented or 'Gemicronized'. Only dual extracted mushrooms contains contains connections that the body can absorb.

2. 100% mushroom fruit bodies

Their functional mushroom products use 100% fruiting bodies, the part of the mushroom that grows above ground. This is the most nutritious mushroom part with the highest concentration of beneficial substances.

In the meantime, other brands use Mycelium, which gives mushrooms their structural support, but delivers very little when it comes to actual nutrients. It might be cheaper to grow, but with regard to the benefits, they are faltering compared to fruiting bodies.

3. Certified organic

Your well -being is their bottom line. That is why these Functional Mushroom Products are made with 100% certified organic ingredients.

Non-biological products expose you to fertilizer and pesticides, these are annoying toxins that can lead to early cognitive decline. No thank you.

Moreover, biological not only reduces exposure to toxins, but it can also increase the nutritional value that you get from your supplements.

Going organic can also support a healthier environment. Chemicals used in agriculture can exhaust the soil of valuable nutrients, leading to all kinds of environmental problems. It is also responsible for reducing the nutritional value of our food.

You will never see them use anything that has been sprayed with chemicals.

500 mg Fruit body Functional mushroom Extracts / portion (no mycelium)
Content; 30 portions / bag
Wild raspberry flavor
Vegan / gelatin -free

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