December Newsletter

Gift Finder

Let's make your life a little easier.


Say goodbye to the stress of finding the perfect present. We just launched a quiz designed to make gift-giving a breeze while focusing on the purpose of wellness. 


This holiday season, prioritize the well-being of your loved ones (or the hard to buy for acquaintances) with gifts that radiate positivity and self-care. Goodbye boring presents.

Save us a seat for dinner

What foods remind you of Christmas? Why not try something a little different this year and dabble in some mushroom recipes for Christmas dinner, guilt-free midnight snacks, and new year drinks? Lets keep functional mushrooms in the spotlight, packed with goodness that delivers both brain and body-boosting effects, all while being environmentally friendly. We've got your back with a comprehensive menu below. Feeling adventurous?

Spice up family gatherings

Let’s face it, its inevitable that at some point these holidays you’re going to be in some awkward situations. We have got you covered, heres a list of interesting (yet bizarre) conversation starters to show off your wellness knowledge.