When Nature Calls

The Adventorous Couple

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Go on an exciting journey of discovery and connection with our "adventurous couple" bundle, designed to stimulate passion and to increase the sensation for you and your partner.

Included in this bundle

Mood Buzz - Festival Dose (5 grams of Atlantis Truffle): Call to all festival goers, party lovers and adventurers! Our Mood Buzz - Festival Dose is the ultimate companion for lively experiences and euphoric adventures. Enjoy euphoric moments together like never before! This completely natural, effective and safe formula improves social interactions, increases happiness, gives energy to the mind and increases your senses. Get ready to define the way you are intimate with the Mood Buzz!

The Big O: Bring intimate moments to new heights with the Big O. This luxurious oil stimulates and improves the feeling, making every touch more exciting and more pleasant at any time. This oil is made with a 100% natural formula and ensures softness and smoothness, which improves intimacy without making concessions to safety. Suitable for all skin types and pregnancy-safe, vegan CBD sex oil, designed to be applied to the desired area, alone or with a partner. With a subtle earthy, spicy taste thanks to CBD and ginger extract, it adds an extra layer of sensory pleasure to your intimate encounters.

Use: apply the big o to the desired location and enjoy the increased feeling alone or together. Store in a cool, dark place at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight. Keep in mind that The Big O is not clinically tested with condoms and is intended for use with sex toys or with a partner. It is safe for oral sex, improves the feeling and slipperiness and offers a truly wonderful experience.

Take your intimate moments to a higher level and go on a journey of discovery with our bundle 'Adventurous couple'. Whether you dance under the stars or explore the depths of intimacy, this collection promises to fuel passion and create unforgettable memories for you and your partner.

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