When Nature Calls

Something for a mini rehab


Drinking evenings are fun. The mornings after that are not. Something® For a mini-rehab contains mariatistel (milk thistle), artichoke and choline, which contributes to the preservation of normal liver function, helps to break down harmful alcoholic toxins and lost vitamins and minerals. You wake up wonderfully. Perfect for those called Depp or Moss.

This product is: Vegan | GMO-free | Refined sugar -free gluten -free | Lactose-free.

contents: 10 capsules

Ingredients Per 2 capsules: Milk Thistle Extract 100 mg, Artichoke Extract 80 mg, Dandelion Extract 60 mg, Black Radish Extract 60 Mg, Boldo Extract 60 Mg, Rosemary Extract 40 Mg, Zinc Gluconate 35.7 mg (4.4 mg or zn), Coline Bitartrate 24.4 mg (10 mg or choline), Fumitory Extract 20 mg, Manganese Gluconate 8.4 mg (1 mg or mn), in dose 5 mg 

How to use:

Take 2 capsules for a night out.

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