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Sharp is made for anyone who wants to improve his performance. Whether studying, presenting, acting in equities or physical exerting is. Sharp will help you to perform at an optimal level.


Sharp improves concentration and alertness and reduces mental fatigue. Perfect for long study sessions and challenging working days. With Sharp you can perform optimally. Work, sport, and study longer and better than ever before.


Cognition is '' The mental activity or the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thoughts, experiences, and the senses ''. Cognition has been studied by many different scientific fields including biology, psychology, and neuroscience. To be able to measure cognition in an objective way, it can be divided into different categories, each of which can be measured separately. Why is this important to you? Humanity has acquired a thorough understanding of cognition. This allows scientists to test the effects of substances on different components of cognition. For example, during an intense study session or a challenging work day, we may experience a lack of attention and energy. All ingredients in Sharp have been carefully selected to support everyone who is performing mentally challenging tasks.

One of the most used nootropics is coffee. A cup of coffee contains an average of 40 mg of caffeine. Caffeine can also be found in addition to coffee in other natural sources. For example, in cocoa, tea and guarana. Around 80% of the world ' s population consumes daily products that contain caffeine. Caffeine improves performance in the performance of simple and complex attention tasks and executive functions e.g. working memory. Caffeine exerts its physiological effects by acting as an adenosine receptor antagonist. In other words, caffeine blocks the receptors to which adenosine binds and thus prevents the delay of neuronal activity.

It is traditionally said that drinking green tea provides relaxation. The fabric that is responsible for this relaxing feeling is theanine. Theanine is a natural component of the plant Camellia sinensis. The leaves of this plant are used for the production of green tea and a cup of green tea contains an average of 30 mg of theanine. It has been shown that theanine anxiety reduced without causing a feeling of drowsiness. In addition to the individual effect of theanine, the combination of theanine and caffeine ensures a unique cognitively improving effect. The combination and synergistic effect of theanine and caffeine has been extensively researched and documented. First, the combination of these two substances improves the outcomes of different cognitive tests including: attention, word recognition, and rapid visual information processing. Second, the theanine moderates the increase in blood pressure in the brain, which is observed when caffeine is taken individually.

The third ingredient in the Sharp formula is guarana extract. Guarana nuts are originally from the amazon basin and contain twice as much caffeine than coffee beans. In addition to caffeine, guarana contains several other ingredients that contribute to the cognitive improvement effect of this extract. It has been shown that guarana provides improvement in different attention related tasks. In addition to enhancing attention related tasks, guarana moderates the mental fatigue associated with prolonging performing cognitive intensive tasks. The fourth ingredient in the Sharp formula is tyrosine. Tyrosine is the precursor of the catecholamine neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. These are the main neurotransmitters in relation to attention and focus. Several studies show that tyrosine ensures that cognitive functions are better maintained during physical or mental challenging conditions and long periods without sleep. It is thought that these effects will come about by supplementing cognitive building blocks that will allow for new catecholamine neurotransmitters to be formed. Despite the fact that tyrosine is also present in food, only tyrosine supplementation provides an increase in dopamine concentrations in the brain.

The fifth ingredient in the Sharp formula is deanol (DMAE). DMAE is a naturally occurring nutrient in fish and is also produced in our own brains. DMAE ensures an increase in choline concentrations and has an anti-oxidative effect. Finally, but very important, contains the Sharp formula vitamin B6 and B12. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal-5 '-phosphate) is a coenzyme which means that it is necessary for enzymatic reactions to occur. For example, the enzyme that produces dopamine requires vitamin B6 to perform this response. It has been shown that vitamin B6 concentrations in the body are a determining factor in the outcome of different memory-related cognitive tests. Comparative is also shown that low vitamin B12 concentrations in the body have a negative impact on the outcomes of different memory related cognitive tests. In addition to this, it has also been shown that vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 play an important role in maintaining cognitive health during aging.


Content: 50 capsules

 Ingredients:Caffeine 130mg. L-theanine 240mg. L-Tyrosine.Guarana 190mg. DMAE 250mg. Vitamin B6 6mg. Vitamin B6 160mcg.


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