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Romantic Bliss

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Enjoy the enchantment of love and romance with our "Romantic Bliss" bundle, compiled to stimulate passion and to deepen the connection with your loved one.

Included in this bundle

Mood Buzz - Double Dose: Bring your romantic appointment to a higher level with our Mood Buzz - Double Dose, designed to increase intimacy and increase the sensations. Experience the euphoria of love while sharing laughter and joyful moments with your partner. With its completely natural formula, Mood Buzz promises to strengthen your romantic experience, making you feel relaxed, cheerful and deeply connected.

Fuego tea: Transform your typical date night drink with this specially manufactured fuego tea. This spicy mix contains carefully selected aphidry ingredients to brighten up your love life. Because it does not contain caffeine, it is perfect for cozy evenings together, while Cordyceps gives a natural energy boost for every activity you have planned. Steeped with green rooibos, Honeybush, Damiana, Hibiscus and a range of tasteful ingredients, this tea stimulates the taste buds with its spicy berry and herbalons. Each sip invites you to enjoy the moment and embrace the intoxicating power of love.


Green Rooibos, Honingbos, Damiana, Hibiscus, beet, Lawwood root, pink pepper, Rose petals, goji berries, strawberry, raspberries, aji mirasol-chili, maca root, açai, vanilla, cordycepsps

Taste: spicy berry with spicy undertones, a wonderful mix of flavors to stimulate your senses.

Comes with: One tea bag and the dose of your choice, so that you are assured of a perfect mix for your romantic evening.

Effects: Feel removing the fear while giggling follows, and experience the warmth of love that you both envel in a delicious hug.

Embrace the magic of romance and ignite the flames of passion with our "Romantic Bliss" bundle. Whether you share tender moments or dance under the stars, this collection promises to create memories that last a lifetime.

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