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Introduction of the new Pax Plus

With the new release of Pax Plus and Pax Mini, Pax has introduced the next generation of portable cannabis vaporizers. Each device is made with more than a decade of innovation and patented temperature control to get the best out of tops and concentrates. Pax Plus is the showpiece for use to raise your top and concentrate sessions to a higher level.


The ultimate portable vaporizer

Pax Plus packs a lot of functions in a slim, smart and simple design. With the new, built -in experience modes you can choose different combinations of Taste and Damp with a simple push of the button. Refined design improvements include a larger LED, soft, matte coating, new nozzles in matching colors and rounded edges, making it easier to hold the Pax Plus and get easier. A redesigned 3D oven screen and improved multi-tools make cleaning easier than ever. And you always get the most out of your tops and concentrates with a battery life of more than 2 hours and a warm -up time of just 22 seconds.


More flexible and more flowers

Pax Plus provides experiences with full tops and powerful concentrate with the same device. Pax Plus comes with flower oven lids of .25g and .5g to give you more flexibility for solo and shared sessions. With a included concentrate adapter you can easily enjoy waxy and fixed concentrates. And you get consistent flavors, aromas and potential without hard smoke thanks to the patented temperature control.


Experiences made easily

Pax Plus has four built -in experience modes to give you more control over your sessions. No app is needed and one button gives you four options to choose your ideal combination of vapor and taste:

● Stealth mode: minimizes vapor and dimt LEDs for ultimate discretion.
● Efficiency mode: optimizes vapor production and saves material.
● Taste mode: emphasizes flavor subtables with on-demand vapor.
● Boost mode: ideal for concentrates and delivers maximum vapor.


Less slurry. More funk.

Pax Plus has a new 3D oven screen and an improved multi-tool design to simplify cleaning. The 3D screen is easier to remove and a supplied steel brush ensures a quick cleaning of your Pax Plus. The supplied multi -tool has rounded corners to make the emptying and cleaning of your oven easier than ever.


Vapor quality

If you see the LED indicator changing from pulsating purple (warming up) to constant green (temperature reached and ready to evaporate), but are not satisfied with the amount of vapor you see, this is probably a user error.

Top 3 recommendations for a high-quality PAX session:

1. The oven must be firmly filled with fresh flour that is roughly ground, not too fine.
2. Fill the oven completely or use the half-pack oven cover.
3. A sturdy but cautious trait of 2-3 seconds should be enough to get rid of the vapor oven. Don't forget to give Pax a few seconds between the traits to warm up again and create more vapor in the oven.
4. The Pax must be thoroughly cleaned every 3-5 sessions. A clean pax is a happy pax.


Pax Labstm guarantees a fully functional device, free from manufacturing defects for the original buyers. So if you as a customer ever need a replacement under warranty, please contact PAX Labs directly with the following information:

• Series #*
• Pax device (Pax 3 Complete Kit, Pax 2, etc.) • Purchasing date
• Customer contact data
• Reported problem

Send the above information to: https://www.pax.com/pages/support-form
All replacements of devices under warranty are issued directly by PAX Labs.

*The PAX Support team uses the unique serial number of the device to verify PAX devices against counterfeits.

Pax Labs Contact details:
Customer service: www.pax.com/support


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