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Liposomal PEA gel

PEA is an abbreviation for Palmitoylethanolamide and is our body's own endocannabinoid, which also occurs in plants, soy, nuts, rice and much more. In our body, the PEA concentration is mainly found in areas where pain is caused by inflammation. Because it is quickly degradable, the Macamides of Maca cause this process to slow down and maintain high levels of PEA in the fabric. Neo-Cure has processed the gel in liposomes.

Millennials of wisdom combined with the highest biotechnology.
Years of research and innovations were used to design the product line and formulas of neo-cure with unparalleled absorption.

The Liposoom effect

By encapsulating it in liposomes, they have improved absorption and extended the function.  We call this phenomenon "The liposomal effect." With this innovation, it is delivered directly into the skin to overcome the absorption difficulties.  Not only faster absorption, but also more efficient and prolonged blood circulation times are achieved.

content: 50ml


1750 mg palmitamide MEA. 750MG beta-caryophyllene. Aqua; Lecithin; Alcohol; Palmitamide MEA; Beta-caryophyll; Glycerol; Carbomer; Melaleuca Leucadendron cajaputi oil; Rosmarinus officinalis bladolie.

2 -3 times a day light in massaging unless advised otherwise. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Retention advice
Refrigerate and keep dry.
Keep out of reach of young children and avoid contact with the eyes.

Use Exception

This supplement is not suitable for children.
Do not use it during pregnancy and lactation.

We are not in a position to provide information on health claims. We don't make any medical statements. Product is not intended to be diagnosed, treated, cured, or to prevent disease. We encourage everyone to do their own research, to consult a doctor, and to come to a conclusion.

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