When Nature Calls

Mender CBD massage & body oil


Deep down your daily relaxation ritual with this full spectrum CBD massage + body oil. Luxurious wood perfumed *, your skin will feel refreshed, with muscles and mind restored to a state of bliss.

High-rate CBD 200mg

Certified organic apricot and sunflower oils offer a light base rich in vitamin A, B, C and D to properly nourage your skin.

Ylang Ylang, cypress, angelica and lemon ensure an increased odour profile to keep your mind calm and bright.

Organic ingredients, not artificial preservatives

Our products contain cannabinoids CBD, CBG & CBDV

Minimum, reusable and recyclable packaging

apricot pitoil, * sunflower seed oil, * 200 mg hemp CBD with full spectrum, *** organic 100% essential oils of cypress, angelica, orange peel, ylang-ylang and lemon
* organic ** non-CMO, free of pesticides

How to use;
Massage deep into the skin and muscles with extra attention for problem areas. Wait 15 minutes to have full effect. Can be used as daily body oil, massage oil or added to a bath. Each 28gram contains 25 mg of CBD with full spectrum.

For external use only, keep out of the reach of children and pets, use only as indicated, stop the use if irritation occurs. This product has not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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