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Bio Hemp tea Felina

Start the day well with a delicious cup of decaffeinated hemp tea. Ideal to replace your first cup of coffee or just before bedtime. Now available in two variants: Santhics and Felina. For the production of these hempishes, they use two known hemp types at Medihemp.

Both teas are delicious, organic, without unnecessary addition and made from dried hemp leaves. The difference between the teas? The hemp type. The Hemp tea Santhica contains the same hemp type as our CBG oil. As a result, the Hemp tea is with CBG. The Hemp tea Felina contains the same hemp type as our other CBD products (RAW and pure).

Prepare a cup of tea:
Let 1-2 teaspoons dried hemp leaves for a long time pulling in boiling water. After about six minutes the maximum taste from hemp leaves has been drawn.

Tip: Combine our hemp tea with some honey, a slice of lemon, mint, lemon balm (melissa), ginger or another (fruit) tea.

Free from allergens, caffeine, lactose, sugar, gluten and yeast. GMO free. Vegan. Raw food quality.

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