When Nature Calls

Medihemp CBD 10% RAW


1000mg CBD oil-raw,

Active substances in this CBD oil:

  • CBD/ CBDa: 10% ± 1000mg
  • CBD: ± 800mg
  • CBDa: ± 200mg


10 ML - ~ 200 drops
Packed in brown glass bottle, uv light resistant

Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil contains high-quality essential proteins, vitamin B and E, minerals, carotene and Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. In addition, hemp seed oil contains GLA, Gamma linoleic acid, which naturally also occurs in breast milk.

Medihemp the power of a girl

The family business Medihemp arose a few years ago from the wish of the founders to use all the good of Mother Nature to make life more pleasant. People wanted to be less dependent on modern (chemical) medicines, but still can fight all kinds of diseases.

The power of hemp had long been known and in sunny Austria (Burgerland) the first 15 hectares of hemp were planted between the characteristic grape vines. Not knowing that the pure Medihemp products would be so successful. Over the years, much has happened, including the introduction of CBD capsules and CBG oil. Meanwhile, more than 400 hectares are planted with hemp and the end of the growth is not yet in sight.


In the cultivation and harvesting of Medihemp's hemp grown for fibre, chemicals such as fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics or artificial additives are never used. The products are not genetically modified and Gamma radiation is also avoided. Medihemp is known to have strict control over clean agricultural land. For example, the soil must have been free of chemical substances used by Medihemp for hemp cultivation for at least 3 years.


The oil production process is closely monitored. A large number of laboratory tests ensure that Medihemp knows exactly what is going on in the process to adjust it if necessary and provide a consistent product. Medihemp also has several independent laboratories running tests. Only when these and Medihemp's own outcomes agree, Medihemp continues to produce.

 Better uptake due to increased bioavailability

The CBD oil Raw of Medihemp now has a new formula that increases its bioavailability. This means that the cannabinoids can be absorbed even better by the body. In addition, Medihemp has found a way to extract these previously mentioned waxes from the extract.

This explains why the Raw CBD oil is lighter in colour and slightly thinner in substance than before. Finally, the CBD content is, of course, measured again in the final product, so that the CBD content always meets the desired standard.

CBD oil is a food supplement. We are unable to provide information on health claims. We don't make medical statements. CBD oil is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. We encourage everyone to do their own research, consult a doctor, and then come to a conclusion.

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