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Pure Mushrooms Lion's Mane


Pure Mushrooms Lion's Mane

Pure Mushrooms Lion's Mane Bio capsules contain a 100% fruit extract from the Lion's Mane Zwam (Hericium Erinaceus). Within traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Lion's Mane has been one of the most loved mushrooms for centuries. It is the mushroom when it comes to a cognitive boostTo keep your brain functions vital. Even when you are young and suffer from a bad concentration, you can benefit from Lions Mane. By stress, depression, fears and so on, it is quite possible that your brain is tired. Lions Mane gives the brain a boost and makes it easier to use the cognitive functions. This mushroom is mainly used as a Nootropic: it supports the learning and concentration capacity.

Why organic?

Especially when you want to use mushroom supplements, organic certified is important. Mushrooms not only have an important function for man, but also for nature. They are real cleaners. All the fabrics from their environment take care of, good and bad. For that reason, a clean environment, soil, air and biological way of growing is so important.

The Lion's Mane Supplements of Pure Mushrooms are grown on a natural breeding ground with biologically mixed sawdust (78%), biological wheat bran (20%), biological sugar cane (1%) and natural lime (1%). These supplements do not contain chemicals, pesticides or other synthetic substances. All ingredients are organic certified and meet strict quality requirements. It is 100% purely natural, biological and vegan. Also the capsule.

They combine mushroom supplements with acerola.Acerola is a tropical berry that mainly occurs in Central and South America. They are one of the most powerful antioxidants and are packed with vitamin C. A powerful combination that helps our body to maintain a natural balance.

A capsule contains 320 milligrams of Lion's mane extract. The supplement is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • 320 mg extract of fruit body, 20 mg Acerola (Malpgihia glabra) per capsule
  • Daily dosage: one to three times daily 2 capsules
  • Grown on a natural breeding ground
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • 100% organic
  • Gluten, soy and dairy free

content; 60 capsules

High quality with biological as the basis

In addition to leaving nature completely his corridor, they also ensure a high quality of the supplements. All supplements are in possession of an official biological certification of the Skal. In addition, they still have a number of certificates with which they guarantee the food safety and high quality of the supplements. With these certificates, various points are checked, such as the traceability of the products, raw materials and packaging materials.

  1. Organic certified (Skal)
  2. IFS Food (International Featured Standard - Food)
  3. Vegan Certified (Vegan Society)
  4. GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  5. ISO 22000
  6. High-quality production on certified German and Austrian production locations

You can find the correct analysis with the Chargenummer on the packaging of the product This link and view through a PDF.

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