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Libido Libido


This is a tasty sweet-tasting love potion for both husband and wife. Due to the tasty taste it is ideally suited to mix by your favourite drink. The effect will be noticeable after about three minutes and will be 4 to 6 hours.

Effect Libido Liquid

You end up in an energetic euphoric mood. Inhibitions fall away, and you get a delicious erotic tingling throughout the body. In addition, feelings of infatuation may occur and the erection reinforcements will work with the man.

Libido Liquid is specially developed for a delicious wild energy sex party. Because Libido Liquid comes out, you can last longer. The orgasm is many times more intense, and can be experienced as an explosion of feelings of loss.

Due to the energetic effect of the drink it is also used a lot during the steps, this allows you to continue throughout the night and be sharp and alert.

Use Hint Libido Liquid

  • Always take half of the bottle first to test your response and at least three quarters for the sexual activity;
  • The emptier the stomach, the stronger the effect;
  • If the effect becomes too strong, take sugar and/or vitamin C;
  • Important: Shake well before use.
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