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Long -term erection for men, more sexual activity, reach several highlights. That is what every man wants, and of course their partners.

Libiforme is a 100% natural dietary supplement that improves your sex life.

You enjoy sex more often and you keep it up for longer. Libiforte is based on knowledge of the old traditional Chinese herbal dockers. For centuries, the Chinese already herbal drinks that were good for libido, the composition of these drinks lead to the development of libiforme, a concentrate of these herbs in a capsule.

Libiforme is intended for all those people who, for whatever reason, sometimes perform less sexually. This also includes stress and fatigue.

What is Libiforme?

Libiforme is a product that has been used in Asia for years to stimulate sexual energy in men. A 100% natural product without side effects. This improved sexual energy helps you to get an erection more easily. It also strengthens the feelings of lust!

Does Libiforme really work so well?

Users of Libiforme are very satisfied with the result achieved. This feeling can last for several hours and you will notice that you can be sexually active during this time.

The origin of libiforme:

Libiforme finds its origin in ancient China. A precursor to this product was used hundreds of years ago in China to provide emperors and other dignitaries with the necessary (extra) sexual stimulus. The love game was also a very important activity at the time and men who had extra long -term and higher sexual performance enjoyed more appearance. To meet this preferred treatment, they also took large amounts of performance -enhancing plants and herbs. At that time, however, it was customary to pull a strong tea of ​​these plants and herbs and drink it several times a day for a few weeks. In the long term, this then had the desired stimulating effect.
This old formula was found a few years ago by Eastern nutritionists. The knowledge about these plants and herbs was taken by these experts as a basis and through intensive collaboration with Western colleagues - according to the latest scientific insights - they have succeeded in reducing this extensive spice mix to just a capsule. Libiforme!


The popular libiforme consists of a Chinese spice mix, which ensures a very intense erotic effect in men.
Libiforme provides a firm erection. Libiforme has a positive influence on establishing, strengthening and maintaining an erection, because it promotes the power of the sexual organ functions and the blood supply to the penis. Thanks to the positive influence on recovery after orgasms, Libiforme promotes the erection again and again.

In short: endless hours of pleasure with many orgasms.

User manual Libidoforme:

One capsule to be taken, one to two hours for sexual activity.
Store product dry and at room temperature.
Take no more than once a day.
Always read the instructions for use.


  • 114 mg CYNOMORIUM SONGARICUM                  
  •   30 mg CISTANCHE SALSA                                                        
  •   24 mg ATRACTYLODES MACROPHALIA                  
  •   24 mg RHEMANIA GLUTINOSA                                 
  •   21 mg CINNAMOMUM CASSIA                                   
  •   21 mg PANAX GINSENG                                          
  •   18 mg POLYGONATI ODORATUM                            
  •   18 mg POLYGONUM MULTIFLORUM                       
  •   15 mg SHISANDRA CHINENSIS                                      
  •   15 mg SCOPHULARIA NINGPOENSIS                           
  •    90 mg Vulstof MCC 
  •    10 mg Magnesium Sterate

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