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Let's Get Physical

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Enjoy the ultimate sensory experience with our "Let's Get Physical" Valentine's Day bundle. This bundle is designed to fuel passion and to increase pleasure and contains carefully composed products to raise your intimate moments to a higher level.

Included in this bundle:

Sitre gel on water -based: Experience intimacy as never before with Sitre gel on water -based. This luxury lubricant is a conscious choice for enthusiasts, made in Denmark and dermatologically tested for your safety and satisfaction. This gel is made with 95% natural ingredients and is free from glycerine, parabens and perfume, which guarantees a pH-balanced, allergy-friendly and 100% vegan formula. Dive into passion without worries, because Sitre gel on water -based can be used safely with toys, condoms and even to taste. In addition, the environmentally conscious packaging, including a bottle made from recycled plastic and FSC-certified packaging, reflects the dedication to sustainability.

Libido Liquid: Wake up your desires with Libido Liquid, a sweet -tasting love elixir, designed to increase the pleasure for everyone. Experience a wave of energy and euphoria about 45 minutes after consumption, with effects that last 4 to 6 hours. Melt inhibitions while enjoying an erotic tingling feeling throughout your body. For men, Libido Liquid strengthens the erections and intensifies the experience of love and desire. Perfect for a wild, energetic sex party or a romantic night out. Libido Liquid increases the sensations, extends the intimacy and increases orgasms. Stay sharp, alert and passionate all night with this stimulating elixir.

Embrace the physical connection and ignite the flames of passion with our "Let's Get Physical" bundle. Whether you explore new sensations or fuel the spark, this collection promises an unforgettable journey full of intimacy and pleasure.

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