When Nature Calls

King Active


Longer and exciting sex?
Achieve multiple highlights?
A new date?
A vital and fit?
Natural erection pills?
Control over your erection?

These are the elements that can make life a lot more pleasant. King Active offers you the opportunity to go full again. King Active is composed of powerful and 100% natural herbs in a hard gelatin capsule. There is strict checks for the best quality without chemical additives.

King Active is based on the old Asian knowledge that is thousands of years old and is totally new in this composition. King Active has a fast and long effect on the flow in the vital body parts. With King Active you will feel energetic, vital and fit again and will therefore increase the feelings of lust and improve your sex life. Due to the improved flow it will support your erection and become easier to achieve a peak several times in succession, and you may experience your most intense orgasm ever. This product also gives you more endurance and energy. For optimum operation, King Active must be taken on a sober stomach, at least 2 hours after the last meal. King Active works quickly;

King Active already works after 30 minutes and can work for up to 72 hours!

You will then find out yourself what distinguishes us from all other products. The production takes place in Asia and is strictly controlled for its best quality of a high -quality food supplement, including;

  • GMP quality assurance system
  • ISO 22000 standard in the field of food safety
  • HACCP Standard

Enjoy more intense and longer with King Active stimulating erection pills

The longer you can keep an erection, the more intense and better enjoyment during sex. A sturdy and well -blooded penis is extra sensitive to stimuli. A stiff penis will simply penetrate more easily than a penis that is not stiff.

Extra self -confident

If you can assume that your performance in bed is in order, you will also not experience any problems to make your partner an orgasm. If men have more control over their erection and their sexual performance, self -confidence increases and that gives a very good feeling.

King Active stimulating erection pills support your erection and potential

The natural ingredients in the King Active erection pill are supportive and stimulating. The 100% natural ingredients of King Active stimulate body and mind that supports good potential. These stimulating erection pills can be used for stimulation of a good erection so that the quality of your sex life can be improved a lot.


1 capsule is 450 mg

  • Siberian Ginseng 125mg
  • Panax Ginseng 100mg
  • Wild Yam 50mg
  • Jujube Extract 50mg
  • Tribulus Terrace 125mg
  • Maca 50mg
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose 50mg
Number of capsules:

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