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Kannaswiss CBD water soluble

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150mg CBD water-soluble

What few people know is that cannabinoids are fat-soluble. That makes the inclusion of regular CBD oil by our body actually minimal. New water-soluble CBD can simply be drunk with a glass of water and ensures a 4x better recording. An additional plus point is that the taste is less intense if that's regular oil.

About Kannaswiss:

Kannaswiss GmbH was established in 2014. It is the first Swiss company that makes CBD products. They believe that to start the best end product, one must start with the best quality product. This is why they personally handle every step from seed to end product. "We only produce CBD products from the highest quality."

Kannaswiss CBD oil is extracted from biological cannabis from the Swiss Alps, processed ecologically, in their own facilities and purified in laboratories, taking into account the strictest safety and quality standards and using the latest pharmaceutical science and equipment. Their goal is to become a global market leader in CBD. As a result, Kannaswiss oil is the purest Full Spectrum CBD Oile on the market and deserves our recommendation.

State-of-the-art facility

Kannaswiss works from their brand new facility in Kölliken, Switzerland where we personally visited, and uses the most advanced indoor breeding science that is known so far - and they are constantly busy to push the boundaries of growing knowledge. They believe that you can improve perfection, and that's what they want to do every day.

Team of experts

At Kannaswiss, they have compiled a team of like-minded experts who belong to the best in the industry and believe in quality and care above all. For them you are more than just a customer. You are their partner on their way to better health and the team makes every effort to deliver the hemp products that you need to enjoy your life optimally.

"Meet Boris Blatnik from Kannaswiss - The CBD Producer from the Swiss Highlands"

The process

Finding the ideal mother plant from which all of their species can be grown is essential to provide you with perfection. The process starts in a breeding room full of mothers, which they carefully monitor and examine the characteristics of quality. At the harvest all their flowers are carefully tested to ensure that their cannabinoid and terpe levels meet strict standards. If the queen has been discovered among these mothers, they tend to take care of her daughters with a care level that fits a princess. They only use natural, holistic solutions to protect their plants from predators and other problems, and use supercharging strategies such as increasing CO2 levels to achieve a maximum growth potential. You can make the effort they deliver to achieve perfection with their plants literally smell, the strong aroma and taste of terpene is an indication when it comes to quality.


You can drip from Kannaswiss CBD water in a glass of water. The number of drops is different per individual. Here you will have to search until the desired effect is reached for you. Start 2-3 drops 2x daily.


30ml (600 drops).

150mg CBD

CBD oil is a dietary supplement. We are unable to provide information about health claims. We do not do medical statements. CBD oil is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or disease. We encourage everyone to do their research yourself, consult a doctor, and then come to a conclusion yourself.

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