When Nature Calls

Kannaswiss 12% face oil


Face oil with hemp extract and organic MCT oil

Complete your skin care with KannaSwiss Broad Spectrum Face oils. Our extraordinary hemp extract with organic MCT oil contains essential natural elements and cannabinoids CBD and CBG. The oils can be mixed with your daily skin care or are applied directly to the skin to treat a restless and striped skin, burns, dry skin and mosquito bites.

All our biological MCT oils contain essential natural elements and cannabinoids CBD and CBG that can discolour oil pink/purple by natural oxidation. This is not harmful and does not affect the quality of the organic MCT oil.

Instructions: Massage 0.25-0.5 ml carefully in a clean skin.

Use in the morning or evening, alone or with other hydrators. Avoid contact with eyes


The higher the strength (6%, 12%, 24%), the more powerful.

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