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Im-Bue CBD Kitty Comfort 20mg



Our easy-to-use 30 ml liquid is carefully packed in a cotton poub and a recyclable outer carton.


Start with 1 drop a day to see how your cat responds and build it quietly up to max 10 drops a day. If you achieve the desired effect, you do not need to increase the dose unnecessarily.


INGREDIENTS: 20mg CBD oil derived from Colorado-grown hemp and organic vegetable glycerin. THC free!


Searches on the Internet will provide innumerable indications that cannabinoids, the active ingredients in hemp plants, can have significant benefits for our pet friends. But the same searches will also quickly warn of the use of any product that contains THC, the cannabinoid that is responsible for the "high" that people experience when taking or smoking. Hemp versions do not contain THC.


At Imbue Botanicals it is only used from own organically grown Colorado hemp, and these contain no THC. In addition, the unique low pressure and low temperature processing of the whole plant ensures that the product completely releases all beneficial cannabinoids and other compounds, including natural terpenes ... and none of the harmful substances. It 's what we call Full Spectrum, and it' s designed to deliver excellent results.


At Im-Bue Botanicals, products are processed in a cleanroom environment by trained, knowledgeable staff, and independently tested for dispatch to ensure safety and consistency.


When using this oil, your cat is not going to wear a Rastafarian headwear and a pair of sunglasses if you give them our CBD products. But, as so many of our customers, myself included, you may only see a great improvement in their overall health, and maybe a little more pep in their step!


To be clear, giving marijuana with THC to your cat is a terrible idea, and can be harmful or even fatal!! Most veterinarians can tell different cases where they have to treat family cats that have somehow gotten into the "hidden stash".

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