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Im-Bue CBD K9 Comfort 40mg



Our easy to use 30 ml liquid is carefully packed in a cotton sachet and a recyclable outer box.

For smaller dogs, give 2-5 drops twice a day.

INGREDIENTS: 40mg CBD oil derived from Colorado-grown hemp and organic vegetable glycerin. THC free

"just because your dog is getting CBD oil doesn't mean he will behave like this"


Internet searches will reveal myriad indications that cannabinoids, the active ingredients in hemp plants, may have significant benefits for our pet friends. But the same searches will also quickly warn against using any product that contains THC, the cannabinoid responsible for the "high" people experience when ingesting or smoking. Hemp versions do not contain THC.

Imbue Botanicals only uses own organically grown Colorado hemp, and it contains no THC. In addition, the whole plant's unique low pressure and low temperature processing ensures that the product completely releases all beneficial cannabinoids and other compounds, including natural terpenes ... and none of the harmful substances. It's what we call Full Spectrum, and it's designed to deliver excellent results.

At Im-Bue Botanicals, products are processed in a cleanroom environment by trained, expert personnel, and independently tested before shipping to ensure safety and consistency.

When using this oil, your dog will not wear Rastafarian headgear and sunglasses when you give them our CBD products. But, like so many of our customers, including themselves, you may only see a big improvement in their general health, and maybe a little more pep in their stride!

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