When Nature Calls

Happy Treats Fuego


Enjoy the ultimate treat, for yourself or with a special person. Happy treats create a unique experience by infusing our happy tea makers with rich cocoa, resulting in a wonderful synergy.

Starting with 🔥Fuego🔥, This seductive red berry mixture is steeped in adaptogens such as Maca Root, Cordyceps and Damiana to stimulate your senses and your taste buds. You can experience a boost in libido and a deep connection after a refreshing staircase of herbs.

Improve your experience by adding 1-2 gram of our magical truffle (sold separately), and they seamlessly taste in one delicious bite that masks the taste of the microdosis.

For those who use the truffle, we recommend using a maximum of 2 chocolates to achieve the perfect effect.

Premium blend with ingredients of sustainable cultivation and without added sugars.


Combined with: Saint-Domingue Cocoa 70%, Cocoa butter, Maca Root* (7%), Cordyceps* ⁺ (4%), Damiana* (4%), Rose magazines, Hibiscus, RooiBo, Lothwood root, Aji Mirasol (<1%) , pink pepper (<1%), vanilla (<1%), vitamin B12 (<1%).

Percentage based on chocolate.

Can contain traces of milk and nuts.

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