When Nature Calls

Goodness Rest standard


Rest standard CBD & CBN spray

750mg CBD & 30mg CBN

This uniquely formulated spray lights up body and mind to facilitate a fantastic night's sleep. REST combines CBD and a mix of relaxing terpenes with a dose of CBN - a cannabinoid that has been shown to be a potent sedative. Say hello to your new, natural nightcap..

Helping people sleep better.


Meet your new natural sleeping cap. Nature's best sleeping aid, wrapped in a user-friendly oral spray. Designed to help you quickly get into dreamland and minimize waking up at midnight.

Composed with the best of nature

REST is formulated with organic hemp extract with a broad spectrum rich in CBD and CBN, a mix of terpenes and a composite selection of sleep-promoting adaptors. Each spray provides an exact portion, making it easy to use without messy drippers or fatty hands.

Cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN work together with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a network of receptors in your body that is responsible for regulating functions such as sleep, mood and hunger. While CBD works to relax the mind and reduce fear, CBN stimulates deeper sleep. Simply put: CBD helps you to fall asleep and CBN helps you to stay asleep.

Some of the potential benefits of CBN are currently being investigated in a mild sedative with the addition of more calming terpenes. Some studies also suggest that when CBD and CBN work together, they can offer an even better soothing synergy.

list of ingredients:

10 ml 750mg CBD 30mg CBN

Wide-spectrum hemp extract THC-free, so you don't get high CBN distillate relaxing terpene mixture B-caryophyllene, farnecene, linalool Ashwagandha for dealing with daily stress Valerian Root to fall asleep Reishi for stimulating the immune system L-theanine to improve sleep and calm chamomile to calm the mind peppermint to reduce sensitivity to sounds

Cultivation and extraction

The journey of your product starts with the purchase of carefully cultivated hemp grown in the sun on the east coast of the United States. After harvesting, hemp is passed through a CO2 extraction process using high pressure water to produce raw hemp extract. This extract is further distilled to remove non-tasty parts of plants and prepare for emulsifying.

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