When Nature Calls

Fleur Marché Focus Plz


Give your mind, memory and attention span a boost with this powerful mix of caffeine, L-theanine, Lion's mane and other "brain hacking" Noötropica.



Peel it, stick it and forget it. Plasters are most effective when applied to parts with visible veins (we prefer the inside of the forearm). Can be worn until 12 o'clock.

Warnings: Only for external use. Do not use on wounds or damaged skin. Stop immediately when the skin becomes irritated. Not suitable for use in children. Wash hands after use. Consult a healthcare provider about possible interactions or complications for use. Avoid immediately and/or long -term contact with water, because this can have an adverse effect on the plaster glue.



Caffeine (15 mg), L-theanine (5 mg), Propanediol (2 mg), Cosmoperine® (Tetrahydropiperine) (1 mg), Sage oil (1 mg), Lion's mane (0.5 mg), Citicoline (0.5 mg)


Fleur Marche Standards



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