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Enecta Premium Hemp Oil for Pets


Premium Hemp Oil for Pets

Our premium hemp oil for pets is user-friendly. It can be added to eating your "friend". For the correct dosage you use the practical dropper. Thanks to the olive oil in the composition, this oil has an even more irresistible taste.


The Enecta Premium Hemp oil for pets is produced with a variety of cannabis sativa L plants. The premium pets are a supplement with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (specially made for pets); It helps to maintain a glossy coat, healthy skin and a healthy cardiovascular system. Thanks to the vitamin E it protects against free radicals and reinforces the immune system. That is why it is completely safe and legal. In order to be even more certain that the product that they extract is of the best quality, they only work with certified partners in Italy. They do not use pesticides or herbicides and they test their products through independent laboratories that assess their quality.

Content: 10ml (200 drops), 30ml (600 drops)


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