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Endoca Suppositories 500mg CBD


What are CBD suppositoria?

Made from organic certified hemp extracts of whole plants, Endoca CBD suppositories are perfect if you want to use CBD, but may not use oral administration methods or simply wish to receive the benefits of CBD as soon as possible, in connection with, for example, pain, heat flashing, sex Or nausea.

We believe that everything is of course best when it comes to what you put in your body. That is why these supporters are made from completely natural ingredients.

In addition, CBD suppositories have the extra advantage that they bypass the digestive process that must go through oral forms of CBD administration.

CBD suppositories are also very suitable for those who cannot swallow CBD capsules or can take CBD oils orally. This Method of CBD administration is also very suitable if you experience gastrointestinal problems or vomiting.

A boxes of power pills contains 10 pieces that each contain 50 mg CBD.

How do you use suppositors?

Although CBD suppositories are not recommended for everyone, they are praised by many CBD users because of their convenience and efficacy. Make sure you store your CBD power pills in the refrigerator before use and your hands were thorough before you handle your product. Tear the foil sleeve in the length, starting at the "V"-shaped cut to the pointy end of the suppository.

To insert a thin layer of water, apply to lubricate the CBD suppository. In a squat attitude, the point of the suppository takes place at the entrance to your anus or vagina and insert it. Your hands immediately went well with soap and throw away the waste.

For Rectal Insertie: Place the suppository beyond the closing muscle and wait 15 to 20 minutes before you are going to poop to make the CBD work.

For vaginal bet: Insert the suppository in the vagina, put the best in the vagina, the best in a horizontal position.

ENDOCA CBD suppositories are 100% natural and made with only two ingredients: organic coconut oil and organic certified hemp extracts of whole plants cultured by Endoca. That's all!

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