When Nature Calls

Earth & Star Hazelnut Ground Coffee + Adaptogens


Your Daily Coffee + Adaptogens

Functional mushrooms are known to offer powerful immune support, mental focus and balanced energy. That is why we have raised your daily brew by no less than 1200 mg adaptogenic mushroom extracts in every head. Then we invited L-Theanine to participate in the party with its calming properties, because Fun fact: in combination with coffee it provides extra cognitive support without the crash or jitters.


Did you know that even smelling coffee can change the way your brain can function? Whether it is about the antioxidants or the energy boost, coffee is the world's most used superfood.


Theanine, derived from green tea leaves, is an amino acid that reduces fear and increases alertness and concentration.


Chaga acts as the ultimate adaptogen for your immune system and is one of the foods with the highest antioxidant value in the world.


This wonderfully weird -looking mushroom works to retain energy and improve athletic performance by increasing oxygen uptake and aerobic capacity. Oh, and it is known that it stimulates libido.


This shady lady is considered the queen of the mushrooms and has been used for thousands of years to support and balance hormones, so that your body can relax and restore at night, as nature intended.

Lions Mane

It is known that Lion's mane-paddle chairs are known to improve memory, stimulate concentration and support cognitive function. Get rid of that morning mist.


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