When Nature Calls

Cokare Get Glowing Tea


Feed your skin from the inside. The beauty secret of traditional Chinese medicine.

With the power of herbs and adaptogens as a form of skin care that has been used for thousands of years. Super Glow contains a powerful mix of mushrooms and herbs that are believed to aid balancing hormones, promoting healthy skin and improving hydration and clarity of the skin.


20 sachets, 3 grams per sachet

Organic Tremella Fruit body Mushroom: Rich in vitamin D, polysaccharides and minerals.

Organic Chaga Fruit body Mushroom: High in antioxidants to protect the skin against early aging.

Organic Schisandra Extract: An adaptogene berry that helps to support the firmness of the skin and hormonal balance.

Organic Hibiscus Extract: Supports the natural collagen production of your body.

Organic Goji Berry Extract: Of course superfood rich in vitamins C and A.

Use a sachet in hot or cold water and drink it as tea at any time. No caffeine or sugar added. Add to your favorite drink or milk.


Chaga Fruitbody Extract*, Goji Berry Extract*, Schisandra Chinensis Extract, White Tremella Fruit body Extract*, Hibiscus flower Extract, monk fruit extract.

    • 3000 mg Own Get Glowing Mix
    • 1290 mg Organic Tremella & Chaga (Fruiting Body)
    • > 20% beta (1.3) (1.6) Glucans


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