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Cannabotech Reverse Tablets

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Reverse CBD capsules go beyond traditional liver supplements by containing powerful extracts of shiitake, shaggy mane, cordyceps, almond and oyster mushrooms. These carefully selected ingredients work synergistically together to offer a holistic approach to liver health. Moreover, these capsules are enriched with choline, an essential nutrient that is known for its supporting properties for the liver.



  • 1,200 mg Premium CBD oil
  • 54,000 mg Functional Mushroom Mix (Cordyceps Militaris, Shiitake, Shaggy Mane, Oyster mushrooms)
  • Choline



Take 1 or 2 tablets per day during a meal.



Save in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

The information provided is only intended for educational purposes and may not be considered medical advice or to replace professional medical care. It is essential to seek advice from a qualified healthcare provider before you start a new dietary supplement or adjust your current health regime.

This supplement is not intended for diagnosis, treatment, healing or prevention of diseases. Individual results can vary. Read the product label carefully and follow the recommended dosing instructions accurately. If you have underlying medical disorders or are currently using medicines, it is crucial to seek advice from your healthcare provider to determine whether it is suitable for you.

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