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Cannabotech Beauty Sleep Drops


Beauty sleep drops

To help you relax so that you can fall asleep more easily.

As part of our holistic and integral approach to preventive care and your health, cannobotech products are based on the groundbreaking M²CBD formula that at the same time focuses on the immune system (due to a mixture of functional mushrooms) and the endocannabinoid system (via a first-class pharmaceutical quality CBD).
The simultaneous targeting of both systems ensures a supercharged, 1+1 = 10 effect on your health.
Cannabotech Beauty Sleep drops contain a mix of high-quality functional mushrooms to strengthen your immune system and to help you manage healthy stress levels, including Lions, Cordyceps, Reishi next to Chamomile and 5HTP to further promote relaxation and Premium CBD of Quality to help strengthen your endocannabinoid system and to support further relaxation.


Effort to close an eye. You are not the only one in this busy world. That is why they have created Sleep at Cannabotech Beauty to help you relax, so that you can fall asleep more easily with their patented M²CBD formula with medicinal mushrooms and premium CBD, as well as botanical extracts. This unique formula focuses on both the endocannabinoid system and the nervous system and the immune system to offer a well -completed solution for your health. Because we understand that when we are exhausted, this does not only influence your mind; It influences your entire body.


Beauty Sleep contains;

CBD: To promote homeostasis in your body, with a special interest in balanced stress levels and sleep-wake cycles, so that you can rest more easily.

Lion's Mane; To offer neuro protective properties by encouraging the secretion of nerve growth factor (NGF) in your brain, so that you can easily absorb daily stressors. Van Lion's Mane has also been shown to support intestinal health, which is now being linked to our sleep-wake cycles.

Cordyceps: To promote his adaptogenic (stress -balancing) properties for a balanced mental state. Cordyceps also has properties that can help strengthen a tired mind and body.

Reishi:For easy responding to everyday stressors and helping to regulate neurotransmitters in your central nervous system, including serotonin, dopamine, gaba and noradrenaline; It has all been proven that they influence the mood and the stress level.

5HTP: To raise the serotonin mirror naturally, the chemical in your brain that is responsible for regulating your mood. This natural amino acid occurs naturally in the body, but is also extracted from the seeds of the African plant Griffonia Simplicifolia for supplements.

Chamomile: To promote relaxation with one of the softest herbs on the market.

Place 15-30 drops under the tongue, about 1 hour before you plan to go to sleep. Keep the drops in your mouth for at least 1-2 minutes.
This product may not be a replacement for a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle.
Do not exceed the maximum recommended daily amount.

Keeping warning out of the reach of children


Carrier (alcohol), *Chamomile Extract, Emulsifier (Phosphatidilcholine [Carrier: Propane-1,2-diaol]), *Cannabidiol, *Hericium Erinaceus Extract, *Ganoderma Lucidum Extract, *Cordyceps Militaris)) *Ganoderma Lucidum alcoholic extract, flavorings, 5-hydroxytryptophan.

* Contains Botanicals Extracts

content; 30ml

Analysis certificate (COA)

An analysis certificate or COA helps consumers to ensure that the products of a manufacturer are made according to the specifications. They are intended to keep customers safe and informed, but they also help to emphasize the quality. This is more important than ever for the cannabidiol (CBD) products, which must legally meet and meet user's expectations. A safe CBD product indicates the amount of cannabinoids found in each product, such as CBD and/or THC. In addition to cannabinoids, this certificate must contain details about the levels of heavy metals, pesticides and solvents that can be found in an individual batch products. You can find an analysis certificate through the lot number of your product here to introduce
You will find your analysis certificate number at the bottom of the product box.

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