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Cannabotech Beauty Sleep Drops


Beauty sleep drops

To help you relax so that you can fall asleep more easily.

As part of our holistic and integral approach to preventive care and your health, cannobotech products are based on the groundbreaking M²CBD formula through a mixture of functional mushrooms and the endocannabinoid system (via a first-class pharmaceutical quality CBD).
The simultaneous targeting of both systems ensures a supercharged, 1+1 = 10 effect on your health.
Cannabotech Beauty Sleep drops contain a mix of high-quality functional mushrooms to help you manage healthy stress levels, including Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi next to Kamille and 5HTP to further promote relaxation, and premium CBD of pharmaceutical quality to help your your strengthen endocannabinoid system and support further relaxation.



Effort to close an eye. You are not the only one in this busy world. That is why they have created Sleep at Cannabotech Beauty to help you relax, so that you can fall asleep more easily with their patented M²CBD formula with medicinal mushrooms and premium CBD, as well as botanical extracts. This unique formula focuses on the endocannabinoid system. Because we understand that when we are exhausted, this does not only influence your mind; It influences your entire body.




This small bottle of Beauty Sleep helps you dream away in dreamland, so that you wake up the next day.

Never fall asleep again during meetings, or yawn at 10 am and wonder when you will see your pillow again.
The unique mix of CBD oil and functional mushrooms is designed to support your immune system and endocannabinoid system at the same time - the system that regulates your sleep, mood, appetite and memory.
There is a big difference between getting a large amount of sleep and a great sleep quality. Someone who sleeps 12 hours can wake up with a worse feeling than someone who sleeps 6 hours, if the last person has had a better night's sleep.
Beauty Sleep CBD oil drops are designed to give you a better night's sleep. This will in turn help you find the calmness and relaxation you are looking for, so that you can wake up the next day.

The importance of sleep
It is not for nothing that it is called beauty sleep.
Although we heartily believe that there is not such a one-size-fits-all frame of beauty in this world, not enough sleep is often reflected both internally and externally.
In appearance you can notice swollen, dark circles under your eyes and enlarged pores in your face and you can look "pale" and unwell. Internally you can have a weaker immune system, more feelings of fear, stress or worries. You may have trouble digesting your food and find it difficult to relax.
A good night's sleep helps you to restore all these things naturally. It stimulates your immune system, reduces anxiety, improves your digestion and gives you a healthy, natural "glow" that is a reflection of a well -equipped, healthy and calm person.

Do I need sleep drops?

Do you notice that you constantly think about bedtime?
If your head touches the pillow, a million thoughts suddenly buzz through your head, perhaps about your work, finances, children, pets, family or whatever?
Are you aware that you are tired, possibly exhausted, but it seems like you can't relax in an inch of yours?
If you answer one of these questions with yes, you are not the only one.
Although there are many physical factors that play a role in getting a good night's sleep, the mental buzz of the brain and the load that this can practice on your sleep pattern is often forgotten.
Beauty Sleep Drops are designed for people who are jealous of people who can fall asleep in an instant. They are designed to be the missing piece of the puzzle in your nocturnal routine, to give you the total body relaxation that you long for so that you can get a good night's sleep.
Thousands of people are already using Beauty Sleep CBD oil drops to support their nocturnal routine and to give them a better night's sleep.

How do Beauty Sleep Drops taste?
Beauty sleep drops can taste bitter and are often compared with a sip Unicum or Jägermeister. You taste your enzymes that respond with the M²CBD formula in your mouth.
Most people don't mind the taste of our beauty sleeps, especially because you only take a few drops under your tongue and don't drink anything. However, if you do not like the taste, you can take a sip of water after taking the drops to rinse the taste.

Beauty Sleep contains;


Lion's Mane; 






You must strive to take your beauty drops sleeping an hour before bedtime. Turn the lid loose and squeeze carefully in the pipette. Place 10 CBD oil drops under your tongue and hold this for 30-60 seconds. Increase to 15 drops as required. Then continue with your nocturnal routine and be ready to fall into dreamland and wake up fresh for the next day.
This product may not be a replacement for a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle. Do not exceed the maximum recommended daily amount.

Keeping warning out of the reach of children


Carrier (alcohol), *Chamomile Extract, Emulsifier (Phosphatidilcholine [Carrier: Propane-1,2-diaol]), *Cannabidiol, *Hericium Erinaceus Extract, *Ganoderma Lucidum Extract, *Cordyceps Militaris)) *Ganoderma Lucidum alcoholic extract, flavorings, 5-hydroxytryptophan.

* Contains Botanicals Extracts

Content: 30ml

Analysis certificate (COA)

You will find your analysis certificate number at the bottom of the product box.

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