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cannabissimo coffee


Italian premium roast coffee with protein hemp seeds, with CBD hemp flowers and with hemp leaves
Now the coffee lovers can enjoy their daily coffee cups with the healthy properties of hemp seeds, hemp flowers and hemp leaves, giving them more unmistakable taste and aroma from Italian slow roasted premium coffee blends.

From studies and research over 8 months, they have been able to get an innovative and healthy product for all coffee lovers, with in more the indisputable and healing properties of hemp proteins (Cannabis Sativa seeds).

No other protein ingredient contains so many essential amino acids that are notoriously helpful in strengthening our body's defenses.

Cannabissimo coffee® as written on the front is 100% natural and legal. The THC content is not relevant according to European legislation, as evidenced by the certifications of the manufacturer.

Cannabissimo® is packed in soft bags and protective atmosphere with a one-way valve, the best protection for two years shelf life. Ground for mocha, drip filter and espresso machines or also in single use capsules and pads

Available net weights: 250 g. 5 g and 7 g

250 g x 35 servings with Espresso machine, French press and Italian Moka,

250g x 25 servings with drip filter machine.

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