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Brain Fitness

Microdosering has taken a long way since the modest start in the lab of Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann in the 1930s. Nowadays, microdosing surfs on the Gulf of the Psychedelic Renaissance and he reaches all corners of society, from the entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to the student studying for exams to those who are looking for more mental stability and everyone in between. With this wave there is also a lot of scientific research that gives us more and more insight into the potential of mushrooms and truffles. 

The potential? Psilocybin. This naturally occurring non-toxic fabric can be found in different truffle species. Psilocybin works as a serotonin antagonist and that is why we call it Brain fItness. In other words, it helps the brain to save more serotonin longer than normal, the effect of this increase in serotonin results, among other things, An increased mood and improved cognitive skills. Keep in mind that the truffle is a dietary supplement. We therefore cannot provide information about health claims. We do not make medical explanations. Truffles are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. We encourage everyone to do their own research and possibly consult their doctor.

You can buy microdoses from a single dose or for example for a month, 10 doses (+ 1 free, from us!). Each dose of 1 gram can be consumed by chewing or making tea in the morning on one empty stomach(or wait at least three hours after your last meal). When you chew them, do this for at least a minute, this gives the active ingredients sufficient time to be released and makes it easier for your stomach to digest it.
When making tea, cut the truffles into very thin slices so that you get more surface and better dissolve the active ingredients. After you have boiled the water, pour the water into a cup, add your favorite tea bag and the truffles. Now let the tea pull for 5 to 10 minutes and drink everything. If you have hypersensitive stomach and experience stomach complaints or nausea, just drink the moisture and leave the truffles behind. There is a different fabric in the truffle, which does not dissolve in water, which causes this.

Need more information about consuming the microdosis? View our page on microdosation, with step -by -step instructions. 

But why the Sclerotia tampanensis?

Truffles contain two important alkaloid-tryptamins: psilocybin and psilocin, and it also contains Baeocystin and Norbaeocystin. These tryptamines are in the tampanensis, also known as the Philosophers Stones, the most balanced and consistent with every batch, making them the most suitable for microdosing according to research. During a growth period of 14-16 weeks, the tampanensis is sclerotia medium-sized truffles. This indicates that this species mainly used enzymes for the production of active substances, rather than for the production of tissue.

 Important things to keep in mind

Our microdoses are ZOriginally weighed, and packed like 1 gram each, in a special mix of air, after which we pack the quantity you ordered in a Planet-proof 100% compostable bag or bamboo jar with the 10+1 free pack. Not in a strip with a predetermined quantity, with us decide how many doses you want. NBWhen the microdoses are packed on the nursery, they weigh 1 gram, but over time the moisture evaporates, which reduces the weight of the truffles, the active substance psilocybin does not decrease. Our truffles are fresh, so consume them as quickly as possible, they will not stay good forever unless you dry them.

"I see mold on my truffles!"

Because the truffle is a fresh product and needs oxygen to stay at its best, we do not sell vacuum -packed truffles to keep them fresh and of a higher quality for you. It may happen that a white fluff / mold on the truffles grows. This White fluff is completely harmless and actually healthy.It is just new mycelium that forms the truffle. This happens due to a lack of gas exchange, which increases the CO2 content in the bubble. 

The truffles canbe refreshed at 2 to 4 degrees Celsius for a month.

Each individual has his own personal tolerance For psilocybin, if the effects of your microdosis are noticeable, you have to take a lighter dose with your next microdosis day, so that you find your so -called "Sweet Spot". It can be useful to keep a kind of diary to keep track of the effects. 

Regularity is also an important factor. In fact, with regular intake of psilocybin that follows a protocol, you prevent the development of higher tolerance for psilocybin, which can influence the absorption speed in your microdosing routine. We recommend that you follow the protocol made by Dr. James Fadiman. James Fadiman is an American psychologist and author recognized for his extensive work in the field of psychedelic research. The Protocol of the Dr. Fadiman suggests the intake of a microdosisevery third day. Follow this for 6 to a maximum of 8 weeks and then take 4 weeks of rest for the best results and to prevent tolerance.


The Brain Fitness Microdosis is equipped with an expiration date and also abatch number.That makes our producttraceable And provides transparency for our customers. Keep them cool and dark out of the reach of children and pets. Do not use it during pregnancy / breastfeeding.

Nutritional values ​​in 1 gram; Energy 4.647 KJ, energy 1,105kcal, carbohydrates 0.132 grams, protein 0.053 grams, fat 0,0004 grams, dietary fiber 0.167 gram, salt (NACL) 0.003GRAM, Vitamin D 0.1IU, sodium (NA) 0.1363 MG, phosphor , potassium (k) 2.1 mg, calcium (approx.) 0.125 mg, iron (f) 0.007 mg


Truffles are grown legally in the Netherlands and can therefore be sent to all EU countries under the Mutual recognition of the European Commission's goods principle.

In the Netherlands, the truffles fall under the NVWA, which they will check together with the Ministry of Health. When Nature Calls therefore only sells quality products that come directly from the famous "Truffel Brothers" Mycologicis. Mycologics is the only nursery in the truffle industry HACCP is certified, shortly for "hazard analysis and critical checkpoints, a risk -inventory for food products responsible for protecting and promoting public health through control and supervision of food safety". These truffles are100% vegan, no-gmo.The nursery also does not use gamma radiation, pesticides, heavy metals or other chemical growth agents. Pure organic !!!

Buy 10 doses and receive 1 free dose + bamboo pot


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