When Nature Calls

Blooming Blends Digestion


Support and relieve the hour digestive system
With our effective mix of powerful vegetable ingredients:

+ Support from Ginger

+ sinking fennel seeds

+ cleansing hibiscus flower

+ detoxifying artichoke leaf

+ Balancing burdock root

+ soothing green coin leaf

Formulated to clean and support the digestive system for better daily intestinal health.

Herb advantages
Brings your metabolism in balance
Soften an unfortunate lower abdomen
Helps to rinse excess moisture carefully
Nourishes and cleans the bowl
Supports your system after a heavy meal
Remedies a bloated feeling

Proposed use
Take ½ pipette (15 drops) directly under the tongue or drop in liquid up to three times a day.
Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.

Botanical ingredients
A pure and active mix of vegetable glycerin, ginger root, fennel seeds, hibiscus flower, artichoke leaf, clay root, green mint

Portions per bottle
approx. 50

Bottle of size

Please do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeed. Consult a doctor before use if you use medicines or are under medical supervision.

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