When Nature Calls

Blooming Blends Cool Lady


 Find peace and strength with this herbal infection mix of traditional herbs and plants, extracted in an alcohol -free formula, to support the center phases of female life.

These calming adaptogens can help support your body while it goes from one phase to the next.


Take a full pipette (30 drops) directly under the tongue or let it drip into the liquid once a day - in the morning or in the evening.
Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.

What's in it?

1x 30 ml (approximately 50 portions)

A mixture of vegetable glycerin (rapeseed juice) and herbal extracts: red clover flower (trifolium speaking), sageblad (salvia officinalis), rose petals (Rosa), shabar root (asparagus racemosus), iron hard leaf (verbena officinalis).


Blooming blends products are not intended for diagnosing, treating, cure or preventing any disease. The results can vary depending on the individual and cannot be guaranteed. Consult a doctor if you use medication, are pregnant or breastfeed before you buy.

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