Our story

When Nature Calls begun as a concept by three friends who were looking for natural alternatives to well-known nootropics and aphrodisiacs of chemical origin, but they could not find any. This created the idea for a high end SmartShop to make natural health remedies, nootropics and aphrodisiacs available to anyone who wants to develop a healthy lifestyle! This concept was further developed and when in 1998 When Nature Calls was born.

Power of nature

In 2022 everyone tries to live as healthy as possible, and people want to use natural and environmental friendly products. But when we started in 1998, natural products were not nearly as popular as now. Chemical products were much more popular and most people believed that they were better. Over the years, however, more and more people have started to see that chemical products are often bad for health, have undesirable side effects and are harming for the environment. All the while we continued to believe in the power of nature and continued our dream. As a result, we have become one of the most popular providers of natural health remedies and nootropics in the Netherlands!

Our products

We only sell products that have a natural basis without chemical additives. In addition, we have a strict selection based on quality. At When Nature Calls you will only find premium products with a small ecological footprint. We are proud that the majority of our products are organically produced and suitable for vegans.


Are you interested in our products? Then take a look around our webshop, or visit our store in Amsterdam where our employees can personally advise you which products may be a solution for you! Also follow us instagram and facebook for interesting blogs, posts and offers!