Why is L-Theanine so popular?


Are you a wellness enthusiast who is always looking for natural supplements that can improve your daily experience? If so, then you have probably heard of Theanine, a connection that is known for its potential for the brain and the body. But what exactly does Theanine do, and why do so many people choose it?

In this blog post we go Look at what happens from the moment you take the theanine to how the brain and the body use it.


💡 Did you know?

Theanine is mainly found in tea leaves, especially in green tea? It contributes to the characteristic Umami taste of tea and is one of the reasons why tea has been appreciated for centuries because of its calming effects.

Back to the basics - what is Theanine?

Theanine, scientifically known as L-Theanine, Is a naturally occurring amino acid that is mainly found in tea leaves. It is what tea gives its characteristic umami taste and has been consumed in traditional tea ceremonies for centuries.

But what makes Theanine so special? HThe answer lies in the interaction with our brain chemistry. In contrast to caffeine, which is also abundantly present in tea, Theanine has a calming effect on the mind without causing sleepiness. Moreover, it has been shown that Theanine generates alpha-brain activity, which is associated with a state of calm alertness instead of sedation. This unique feature has aroused a lot of interest in the welfare industry, because it can offer a natural way to improve cognitive function and at the same time reduce feelings of stress and irritability.

How does Theanine work?

  • The Theanine journey starts when you take it, whether it is through tea or supplements.
  • After about 30 minutes it is absorbed into the bloodstream and crosses the blood-brain barrier,
  • And the brain reaches around 60 minutes.
  • Once there, theanine molecules interact with neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, which promotes feelings of relaxation and mental brightness.
  • This peak effect usually occurs around 120 minutes after intake, creating a soft impulse in mood and cognitive function. The benefits of Theanine can last a few hours and ensure long -term support for your well -being.

Did you know? Every capsule in Brain Feeds Theanine Contains the same amount of theanine as 15-20 cups of tea.

How can it be included in daily life?


An intriguing trend among enthusiasts is combining theanine with their morning head of coffee. But why mix with caffeine? The answer is in achieving the perfect balance. Although caffeine can give an initial energy boost, this is often accompanied by unwanted side effects such as vibrations and downs. By combining it with theanine, people can experience a smoother, more long -term energy without the unpleasant aftermath, so that they can stay focused and alert during the day.


L-Theanine can also be conveniently taken in supplement form, which offers individuals a simple way to experience its benefits. This makes it an ideal addition to supplement stacking.

Final Thoughts

Theanine offers a promising opportunity for those looking for natural ways to support and control their cognitive function. Although it is important to note that individual experiences can vary, the inclusion of theanine in your wellness routine can be the push that your mind and body need to thrive.

So, the next time you grab or are considering your favorite tea to add Theanine to your supplement regime, you may be just a little more aware of its effects.

Stay up to date for more insights into the world of wellness while in future blog posts we explore other supplements such as choline, 5-htp and tyrosine.