Why you should know about herbal cacao

Are you ready to enter a realm in which chocolate gets a completely new meaning?

Get ready to discover the enchanting world of herbal ceremonial cocoa up close. In this blog post we dive into the secrets and traditions around this age -old elixir, and we offer Surprising and fascinating insights Who will change your perception of chocolate forever.

Travel back in time to the old civilizations of the Maya and Aztecs, where ceremonial cocoa played a central role in their rituals and spiritual practices. These cultures worshiped the power and Medicinal properties of cocoa And had a deep connection with this holy plant. Today we honor this tradition by using herbal ceremonial cocoa as a gateway to self -discovery, mindfulness and emotional well -being.

While we continue, we will explore the exciting possibilities when herbal ceremonial cocoa mixes with other natural allies. From adaptogens to flower essences and aromatic plants, the infusion of herbs adds an extra low depth and synergy to the ceremonial experience.

Whether you are interested in organizing a ceremonial cocoa meeting or just long for a personal exploration, We will offer practical tips and guidance To help you create a special space, set intentions and integrate cocoa into your daily life.

The origin of high -quality cocoa cocoa

Step back in time and go on a journey to the mysterious origin of high quality ceremonial cocoa, where ancient civilizations such as the Maya's and Aztecs worshiped this holy plant as a divine elixir. These cultures recognized the profound spiritual and cultural significance of cocoa and made it an integral part of their rituals and ceremonies.

In the heart of the Mayan civilization, cocoa was considered a gift from the gods. It was so honored that it was often called "the food of the gods" and it was believed that it had been discovered by the divine beings themselves. Cocoa ceremonies were a way for the Maya to make contact with the divine, and thus bridge the gap between the mortal world and the spiritual world.

In the same way, the Aztecs had a great appreciation for cocoa and associated it with their deity of fertility and abundance, Quetzalcoatl. Cacao was considered so high that it was used as both a currency and a ceremonial sacrifice during important rituals and celebrations. The Aztecs believed that consuming cocoa would give them strength and wisdom, so that they could come into contact with the spiritual world.

Rituals around cocoa in these old civilizations were complex and deep -rooted in their faith systems. Cocoa ceremonies were seen as a bridge to communicate with ancestors, gods and the natural world. They were performed with the greatest respect and often worshiped prayers, songs, dancing and sacrifices.

Today, the old traditions of high -quality ceremonial cocoa continue to fascinate and inspire people who are looking for a spiritual and transforming experience.

At When Nature Calls we are proud of having herbal cacao of high quality in stock, from around 400 different indigenous Mayan family farmers from southern Balme, specifically from the Maya Mountains. These family farmers, belonging to the Mopan and Q'eqchi Maya nations, have been growing the old native Criollo variety of cocoa on their holy grounds for generations. The cocoa tree, known locally as "Cucu" by the Maya Q'eqchi nation, is considered a holy tree for the native Maya population.

Hidden in the least developed and most rural area of ​​Belize (see photo below), the Maya Mountains offer the perfect conditions for cocoa to thrive. The cocoa trees naturally grow in the midst of the biodiversity of the region, surrounded by other local banana, avocado, coconut, cashew and vanilla trees. This harmonious environment gives unique flavors and aromas to the cocoa, which strengthens the ceremonial qualities.

The process of growing cocoa is not only an agricultural affair; It is a spiritual effort for the Mayan family farmers. Every time a new cocoa tree is planted, a ceremony is held and the local Mayan-spiritual leader or older permission asks for the energies of existence and abundance of good quality cocoa beans. This deep respect for the country and holiness of the cocoa tree penetrates every bean with ancestral wisdom and spiritual meaning.

By selecting our herbal cacao of high quality, before you not only do the traditions of the Maya people, but you also participate in a transforming journey that connects you with the old wisdom and spirituality that penetrates every sip.

Infusions: Increase the essence of herbal cacao

In the world of herbal ceremonial cocoa of high quality, the possibilities go beyond traditional preparations. Through herbal infusions we discover a whole new dimension of flavors, aromas and therapeutic properties that improve the experience of this holy elixir.

herbal infusions offer the possibility to enrich your cocoa ritual and adapt to your unique preferences and intentions.

Adjusting herbs, known for their ability to promote balance and resilience in the body, are excellent companions for herbal cocoa. Consider the earthly tones of Ashwagandha or the revitalizing properties of Rhodiola. These herbs not only complement the rich flavors of cocoa, but also enrich the elixir with extra therapeutic benefits, which increases the ability to support your overall well -being.

Functional mushrooms, with their grounding and immune-increasing properties, can add a unique dimension to your cocoa experience. The earthly undertones of Lion's Mane or the subtle bitter tones of Chaga harmonize beautifully with the natural taste profile of cocoa, and create a symphony of flavors that feed both body and soul.

Choose a blend that suits you

Below you will find the range of herbal cocoa that we offer, with a description of the unique properties; A perfect blend awaits every gourmet.

Brain Power Blend

Lion's mane and herbal cocoa can complement each other well.

The natural connections found in Lion's Mane, including Hericenonen and Erinacins, are supposed to support nerve growth factors in the brain, which may promote cognitive function and neuroplasticity.

When it is combined with herbal cocoa, the earthly and grounding properties of Lion's mane can harmonize with the rich flavors of cocoa, creating a sensory experience that promotes focus, presence and a deep connection with the ritual. The combination offers a holistic and mindful approach.

Passion Blend

Mucuna Pruriens, also known as the "velvet bean", brings his unique features to the blend. It contains L-Dopa, a forerunner of dopamine, which may contribute to balancing the mood. The addition of mucuna pruriens to the herbal cocoa is often associated with promoting a positive state of mind.

The delicate and fragrant rose petals penetrate the blend with their soft floral tones. Roses have long been associated with love and beauty, and their inclusion in the blend adds a touch of elegance and romance to the ceremonial experience.

Immune Support Blend

Ashwagandha, a herb that is known for its adaptogenic properties, has been used for centuries to reduce stress and promote emotional well -being. The combination of Ashwagandha and herbal cocoa creates a synergy that promotes peace and relaxation, so that you can connect deeply with the moment.

The subtle tones of cinnamon add a warming and soothing taste to the blend, while the earthly tones of the cocoa offer an earthen element. Together they create a harmonious balance that supports you in finding inner peace and bliss.

Classic Blend

The combination of cayenne pepper, Ceylon cinnamon, vanilla and herbal cocoa creates a harmonious blend. Cayenne pepper adds a subtle spiciness and depth to the cocoa. It also contains capsaïcin, known for its potential to stimulate metabolism and promote blood flow, so that it adds an invigorating element to the blend.

Ceylon cinnamon brings a warm and comforting essence in the mix, with its sweet and delicate taste, while it may have anti -inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Vanilla, with his creamy and aromatic tones, adds a touch of sweetness and a soft finish to the herbal cocoa blend. It strengthens the flavors, creates a harmonious balance and gives a sense of indulgence and luxury.

100% natural blend

A pure and genuine delight, 100% cocoa offers a rich and intense experience that fascinates the senses and embraces the essence of raw chocolate in its purest form. Without extra ingredients or flavors, this product focuses on the pure essence of cocoa. 100% cocoa is full of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and phytochemicals that can feed the body and support the overall well -being.


Are you ready to go on a trip where chocolate becomes a gate to self -discovery and emotional well -being? herbal ceremonial cocoa bodies opens the doors to an enchanting world where old traditions come together with modern exploration. By honoring the holy origin of cocoa and mixing it with natural allies such as Lions Mane or a carefully composite selection of herbs and plants, you can lift the sensory experience to a higher level and unlock the transforming potential.

Because of the old traditions of the Maya and Aztecs we get a glimpse of the deep spiritual and cultural meaning of cocoa. Today we are carrying their estate by involving herbal cocoa of indigenous maya family farmers from the remote area of ​​the Maya Mountains in Belize. This holy country, rich in biodiversity, cherishes the cocoa trees and steeps every bean with ancestral wisdom and spiritual significance.

In the world of herbal infusions we discover a whole new dimension of flavors and therapeutic properties. Adaptogenic herbs, medicinal mushrooms and calming plants enrich the cocoa ritual and offer additional benefits and personalization.

So are you ready to redefine your relationship with chocolate? Dive into the world of herbal ceremonial cocoa, where old wisdom and modern exploration come together. Let the flavors, aromas and transforming potential lead you on a path of self -discovery, mindfulness and emotional well -being. View our full range of herbal cacao here.