Medihemp the power of a craft

The Medihemp family business emerged several years ago from the founders' desire to use all the good of mother nature to live more pleasantly. One wanted to be less dependent on modern (chemical) drugs, but still can fight all kinds of conditions.

The power of hemp had been known for longer, and in sunny Austria (Burgerland), the first 15 ha of hemp were planted between the characteristic grape drinks. Not knowing that the pure Medihemp products would be so successful. Over the years, much has happened, including the introduction of the CBD capsules and CBG oil. Meanwhile, more than 400 ha are planted with hemp and the end of growth is not yet in sight.

Medihemp uses her own harvest in more ways than you might think. The biological hemp seed oil that the CBD extract is dissolved in makes Medihemp himself with great love. Even the insulation material in the building where Medihemp is located is made from hemp from its own harvest.



During the cultivation and harvest of Medihemp’s fiber hemp, chemicals such as fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics or artificial additions are never used. The products are not genetically modified and Gamma radiation is also avoided. Medihemp is known for having strict control over clean farmland. For example, the soil must have been free of chemicals for at least 3 years for which Medihemp uses to cultivate hemp.

A biological standard is not just something. For starters, there are regular
inspections held. Also, biological and non-biological products are separated throughout the process. Medihemp continues much further by deploying special harvesting machines only for the biological fields and using extraction machines only for the biological plant material. Machines are first thoroughly cleaned before deployment and the organic final product is stored separately.



The production process of the oil is closely monitored. A large amount of laboratory tests causes Medihemp to know exactly what is going on in the process to redirect it as needed and deliver a consistent product. Medihemp also has several independent laboratories conduct testing. Only if this and Medihemp’s own outcomes are consistent, does Medihemp continue to produce.


The Process of Analyzing

Not only the final product is tested, in the whole process of seed to final product there are test moments for control. For example, seeds are tested for: CBD/CBDa, THC/THCa, heavy metals, pesticides, acidity (PH), peroxide content, aflatoxins, microbiology (enterobacteriaceae, fungi, salmonella, suphitereductin clostridia), moisture content, density, non-soluble impurities in the oil and free fat Acids.

When plants grow, the CBD/CBDa and the THC/THCa percentage are measured. Just before harvest, the same test is done again to measure the percentages of the cannabinoids in the plants.

The dried plant material is then tested again for the CBD/CBDa and THC/THCa concentrations and also for heavy metals, pesticides, acidity, peroxide content, aflatoxins, microbiology (enterobacteriaceae, fungi, salmonella, suphitereductin clostridia), moisture content, density, unsolvable impurities in the oil and free fatty acids.

After extraction, the product is tested at the same points and once again when the product is ready to be bottled.


Nature is beautiful, but not the same day

Since Medihemp produces natural products, the taste, color and substance will differ by batch. This is due to conditions during the growth of the plants (sun, rain, climate, species of plant, composition soil etc). But it is also a signal that Medihemp does not add chemicals or other substances to adjust the pure CBD extract.

The plants produce different values in terms of substances depending on conditions, so the plants contain a slightly different ratio of cannabinoids, terpenes, and more at a time. The CBD content is closely monitored throughout the process.
After this process of extraction, a thick CBD paste remains. The thickness arises from the presence of natural waxes.


Better absorbable by increased bioavailability

Medihemp's CBD oil Raw now has a new formula that increases bioavailability. This means that the cannabinoids can be absorbed even better by the body. In doing so, Medihemp has found a way to extract these previously mentioned waxes from the extract.

This explains why the Raw CBD oil is lighter in color and slightly thinner in substance, than before. Eventually, the CBD content is naturally measured again in the final product, so that the CBD content always meets the desired standard.


SKAL certified

All Medihemp products are biologically certified and meet strict requirements. Sales, production and exports are conducted according to: Austria Bio Garantie GmbH, AT BIO-301, FN 78753p, 2202 Enzersfeld Austria. Feeding a biological certification ensures that Medihemp is distinctive in the field of the sale of CBD products. Medihemp is SKAL certified; a label through strict controls on used raw materials and production methods ensures certainty.



Not only the products, but also the process of making the oil should meet high standards.

At the time of writing, Medihemp has just moved to a state-of-the-art and much larger location. It directly includes the IFS Food and ICCI quality standards.
The IFS Food Standard is a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized standard for the control of food manufacturers. The focus is mainly on food safety and the quality of the processes and products.

To ensure quality and product safety within the hemp industry, Medihemp participates in several initiatives. For example, the Patient Focused Certification (PFC) Programme was created by the Americans for Safe Access Foundation. This programme is intended to address the interests of consumers and healthcare providers in order to provide quality medicinal cannabis products and services.

CBD oil is a nutritional supplement. We are unable to provide information on health claims. We don't make medical statements. CBD oil is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We encourage everyone to do their own research, consult a doctor, and then reach a conclusion ourselves.