CBD info

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. This is a substance that belongs to the cannabinoids. These substances are native to the body, but are also found in certain plants, such as the cannabis plant. Nowadays there are many other variants besides CBD oils: for example CBD capsules, CBD ointment and CBD tea. The body recognizes the substance as its own, creating a connection with our cannabinoid receptors.

CBD is often confused with the well-known substance THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). However, CBD contains such a low amount of THC that it is legal and safe. The maximum legal percentage of THC is 0.05%. This is because CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and THC from the cannabis plant.

What is CBD made of?

The substance can be extracted from various parts of the hemp plant, such as the tops, flowers, leaves and stems. Quality brands mainly use the buds of the plant, because this is where most of the CBD is located. The CBD is eventually mixed with oil or water. The production method strongly determines the quality of the CBD oil.

How is CBD oil made?

The extraction of CBD uses heating or freezing. The tops of the hemp plant - which contains most of the CBD - are heated in oils, such as olive oil. The CBD then absorbs into the oils, after which the plant residues are removed.

Another way of heating is through the use of alcohol. By first soaking the hemp buds in alcohol, the CBD absorbs into the alcohol. Subsequently, the alcohol is evaporated by heating and only a paste with CBD remains.

Extraction by freezing is also called supercritical CO2called extraction. An advantage of this method of extraction is that no substances are lost through heating, we call this full-spectrum. This method uses carbon dioxide in compressed form, which is in both the form of a liquid and a gas. The carbon dioxide extracts the CBD from the plant, after which the CO2is removed again and the extract remains.

CBD paste

The advantage of pasta is that it contains a more concentrated form of CBD and is easier to dose than CBD oil. CBD paste is top CBD oilpreferred because it contains a much higher concentration of CBD. Relatively speaking, the paste is therefore more beneficial than other CBD products. In this way you can easily absorb a high dose of CBD at once. You can take the paste orally or use it as an ointment.

Do CBD drops work psychoactive?

The CBD oils contain very little THC, so they do not fall under the Opium Act. CBD is seen as a harmless food supplement. For this reason it is therefore impossible to get high or stoned from CBD oil.

How does CBD oil work?

The hemp and cannabis plants are the only plants that have phyto-cannabinoids. "Phyto" stands for "plant". Our body contains endo-cannabinoids. "Endo" stands for the body. Our cannabinoid system is part of our nervous system. The vegetable cannabinoid CBD has a direct influence on this. The cannabinoids influence our cannabinoid receptors, which in turn are involved in various physiological processes, such as: appetite, pain perception, mood and memory.

What is CBG oil?

CBGis a different kind of cannabinoid from the hemp plant. The cannabinoids also exist: CBt, CBDA and CBN. These substances are extracted from the entire plant, while CBD mainly comes from the tops of the plant. There are several brands that not only extract CBD, but also other cannabinoids and offer them in their oil.

What is good or bad CBD oil?

Some brands sell oils under the heading of CBD oil, while these do not contain any CBD at all. Unfortunately, due to the rise of CBD oil, there is now a significant amount of CBD brands that do not live up to the content of their labels. Since CBD oil is not yet regulated by the government in 2019, companies are free to market oils.

How do I know which CBD to choose?

Each brand produces its CBD oil in a different way. It is therefore only possible that one brand works better for one person, and the other brand better for another. In addition, every body and every metabolism is different. Through our website we strive to keep the quality high and to separate the wheat from the chaff. Our strict selection consists of high-quality CBD oils, produced in various ways and available in different percentages. We advise you to try out what best suits your body. In addition to CBD oil, you can alsoCBD capsulestrying out. Also take a look at our categories to othersCBD products, such as CBD oil for yoursleeporCBD tea & coffee.

How does When Nature Calls select the CBD oils?

We value quality. There are a lot of CBD oils on the market that contain lower percentages of CBD than indicated on the label. In some variants there is even no CBD present at all. For this reason, we personally visit the brand companies from our range.

We are introduced to the company and the faces behind it. In this way, we quickly understand what thefeelingof a fire and whether it matches our vision. We take a look in the kitchen and see how the production process works and which machines are used for this.

By regularly visiting trade fairs, we stay up to date with the latest developments and discover new CBD brands. Much research into CBD is still being done internationally to this day. New knowledge and results are shared at the fairs.

Which CBD oil do you recommend?

We recommend the brand based on the experiences of our customersKannaSwissOn. KannaSwiss produces its CBD oils in the Swiss Alps and mixes them with MCT oil, which ensures better absorption. This product is available in 6%, 12% and 24%. KannaSwiss is currently the purest oil on the market and continues to improve, striving for perfection.

How do I use CBD oil?

You take CBD oil by starting with 2 to 3 drops under your tongue once or twice a day. Wait about two minutes for the oil to be absorbed by your body. The reason that CBD is often dripped under the tongue is because it ensures a faster absorption into the bloodstream. When ingested through the intestinal wall, the body breaks down the oil more quickly, causing it to lose its effect. You can eat something greasy when dripping, such as: fatty fish, avocado or eggs. These fats accelerate the absorption and enhance the effect.

Is it legal to order CBD oil?

CBD is legal because it hardly contains the psychedelic substance THC. CBD oil is sometimes confused with cannabis oil. The latter does contain THC. It is therefore impossible to get high or stoned from CBD oil. CBD is classified as a dietary supplement and not under the Opium Act, as a (soft) drug. CBD oil is therefore not addictive.

How fast does CBD oil work?

Because every body is different, it is difficult to speak about a specific time frame, but on average we assume 10 to 20 minutes. In addition, it depends on what the CBD oil is used for and what the initial situation is. Finally, the effect also depends on the correct dose and this is always a short test at the beginning.

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As you can see, it is very difficult to make general statements about the effect of CBD oil. CBD is a very versatile product that many people benefit from. For this reason, we offer our CBD oils as accessible as possible. With us you enjoy free shipping at all times, wherever in the world you order. Do you have any questions? Of course we are happy to provide you with additional information. Ask your question via our contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.